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Master bedroom sheets? We used to have 3. That was a little too many I think. Now we are down to one, because we just bought a new size mattress. One is not enough, I think I need two, but no more. We have a warm flannel one right now for when it is cold. But that is going to be way too hot in the summer, so I plan on getting a soft cotton one.

Children's sheets (for bedwetting-aged kids)?
I think 2-3 per kid, depending on how often they wet the bed. once a week? or everyday?

Place settings?
casual-4, minus one plate that fell on the floor and broke!
formal-8, i think.

Bath towels?
4 for me and dh

Kitchen hand towels?
hmm 2 good thick ones, and a pack of maybe 6 I just got for christmas that are not really useful, but look nice!

Children's books? Toys?
I agree with the can never have enough books! I liked my mom's strategywith the toys. If she noticed my brother or sister not playing with something anymore, she would hide it upstairs for a few weeks. If they never asked about it, then it was given away.

Clothing per person?
One dresser full per person, plus whatever your closets can hold!

Sponges/rags/whatever you use for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom?
10 or so for kitchen dishes, 10 or so for showering, and maybe a dozen rags for cleaning. I don't really need all of them, but that is the way they were sold!