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Hmmmm ... I also signed up for the swaddlebees outlet updates and I have received this survey as well. I wonder why she sent it out under an alias. That is bizarre!
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I just took the survey too - I assumed is was the Real Diaper Association also. But I did buy swaddlebees seconds probably a year and a half ago and probably signed up for the newsletter.:
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The quick run-down is a bunch of people got the survey and questioned it because it said it came from realdiapers@YAHOO
The yahoo is what really threw people off. Then some people started wondering where they could have got the survey from and the one common denominator was Swaddlebees.
Someone emailed swaddlebees and her commented was to the effect of:
"I got it too and filled it out, it is totally safe. She said it DID NOT come from her but she knows who it came from. She said that it was a bunch of celebrities who were trying to push a cd bill through (us assuming legislative). And she said it was totally legit but NOT from her".

In the meantime several people, including me, emailed the contact at the survey company and legally they have to say who the survey was sent by and tell you how to unsubscribe. They stated it was sent by swaddlebees and to unsubscribe just click at the bottom of the link.

Now the big issue is that everyone feels straight out lied to. Swaddlebees had no problem sending out the email saying it was not her but then when the company she hired outed her she has kept super quiet.
We, those who received the email have no idea if they violated their own privacy policy by selling our email addresses or if they just lied and tried to make it appear as RDA so they would get great responses to personal questions.

On the business end of things I will say it is an amazing idea. It would show demographics and everything of who is using the cloth diapers, well pocket diapers since these were what were asked about. But there was no need to lie at all.

As I stated on a previous post, we have worked with quite a few celebrities and there is only 1 that says you may not use their name at all. If some celebrities were trying to push a legislative bill through then they would need us to back them up and they would be very loud about it.

So basically at this point we are waiting to hear why we were lied to and a lot of people are very very upset because we have no idea if our emails were sold with the list as well and many feel that this is a new low in the cd business world.

Hope that clears everything up and if I need to edit something out for rules let me know
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Wow, this is really low .....I hate dishonesty, I'm sure they're losing alot of customers over this....grrrr
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The owner of Swaddlebees is now claiming that she sold the company and the new owner sent out the survey. Although this is still posted on the site http://swaddlebees.com/information/about
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The new owner? What happened to her story about the celebrities? Did she sell her store to a celebrity? When she gave her original explanation, why didn't she mention the crucial fact that SB had been sold and she was no longer the owner?
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: this whole thing is so weird. why lie about it?
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She's responded on the Diaper Pin.
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Does anyone have a link to the post on the Diaper Pin? I got the survey too and I would really like to read her response. Thanks!
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Don't think one can link from here to there - against the rules. But you don't have to be registered at the DiaperPin to read the forums. Just go to www.DiaperPin.com, click on Forums, click on Diaper Talk, then click the thread called "Those of you". The official response is on page 5.
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Originally Posted by mamamoo View Post
Crud. I saw the real diaper name and didn't read any further than that. I filled it out and confirmed my email addy. :
And if swaddlebees is sellignour info, I will be TICKED!
Me too. Man, I am really angry about this. I never pay attention to things like this but I did this one only because I thought it was the RDA. I feel so dumb that I didn't pay more attention.

I am thinking that done with Swaddlebees after this. First they wouldn't respond to the email and phone messages I left about one of their eBay auctions that I won (they misrepresented the diapers they were selling) and now this. How low. Off to see if The Pin page has loaded yet...
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I am now getting over 50 spam emails per DAY at the email address of mine that Swaddlebees gave away. Previous to this survey, I would get about 10 spam messages per WEEK at this address. It might be a coincidence but it makes me wonder who actually has our email addresses and what they did with them....
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