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get organized with Oprah!

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Tomorrow's Oprah show......getting organized and decluttered! (Weds. the 7th show)
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thanks. gotta love O
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I will try to check it out. I bet it will be a show about what you should buy to get organized. I am trying to get organized without spending too much money.
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I'll record and check it out. Will she organize everyone in her audience or give the more stuff to add to the clutter they already have?
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You know an Oprah organization show means a huge organizational system with a huge price tag. How about adding some practical tips that those of us in real life can use?
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Peter Walsh is going to be on, so it might actually be useful.
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Thanks for the tip (and thank you, too, TiVo ).
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Setting tivo
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I can't wait to see her million dollar closet organization tips

Just kidding, A&A
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Planning to watch it It comes on here in about a half hour, so I'll check back in
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My DH is excited about the more sex part
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I'm watching it right now and it's really good. This sweet lady is crying, saying she had previously
thought if her kids had more clothes/books/toys they'd be happy and she'd be happy,
but it isn't true and she GETS that.
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I really would like them to have a follow-up show in a year to see what the house looks like then.
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DD is using the TV, but it was on before I turned her show on and I was excited to see Oprah talk about decluttering, not just "organizing". I liked what she said in the 2 seconds I saw about simplifying your life making it more enriching, etc. I wonder if she really follows this herself?

Anyway, can't wait to find some time to watch it.
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TiVo-ing it.

Wish I could be in the audience to win a million dollar closet organizer...just kidding. It actually sounds like an interesting episode based on PPs.
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It was a really good show.. I think it just sort of dabbled in the issue a bit (of course they are limited on time) but it was really interesting.
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I saw it

and I noted that the declutter guy (I don't pay for tv so I don't remember his name only that he has a show...) said her home looked kid-centric. I don't remember when I was a child that my mom disaplayed much of my artwork or that my toys were anywhere but in my room. Maybe that's why my mom can't stand to be at my house which is nothing like today's show! Our generation just is more child friendly. In my case we homeschool so we use our house differently.

Decluttering is really about thowing away stuff (donate to charity/trash/etc.). When I declutter I really don't end up organizing much; I've just got too much stuff!

*We have a twin sized bed next to ours because our 3 1/2 yo won't sleep in his own bed and we have had terrible bedtime issues with him because of his autism. I'd like to see a show where the children or at least one of them was not typical. A lot of those tips just don't work in my situation (the twin bed in my room allows me and DH to sleep without our 3 1/2 yo in the middle which is a good thing for us!)

debra, homeschooling mom of 4 ages 10 (AS), 9, 7, and 44 mos (Autism)
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It actually didn't invovle much shopping. Mostly purging and it was interesting I thought.
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I thought it was a great show! The organizer guy talked a lot about why we have so much clutter and how it's taking over our lives. It was really the opposite of what the Oprah show is usually about. It was about how material possessions don't make us happy, they weigh us down spiritually and financially.
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It was great to see Peter from Clean Sweep. I thougt it was so funny when they revealed that the first mom worked ina container store
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