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Celexa & Nursing 16mos. +

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I have never taken an antidepressant, and have been reluctant to start. After 6 months of therapy, increasing activity, starting a writing group, etc. I am still struggling with depression and what seems to be symptoms of ADD.

I met the Dr. for the first time yesterday. I will take the official ADD test in two weeks. In the meantime, he prescribed Celexa. I was told that it is excreted in breastmilk, but the Dr. didn't see that as a problem for my dds because they are not young infants - 16 mos. & 3 yrs.

Among the side effects the Dr. listed was nausea and feeling jittery - not something that would deter me personally (I have much experience with handling nausea during pregnancy ) but I would not want to subject my children to these side effects.

Here is what I began wondering after my appointment:
  • Is this med. proven safe for use with older nurslings, or is nursing past 12 mos. such an anomaly in the U.S. that there is no data available?
  • Does the nursling experience NO side effects or no side effects considered serious?

I've picked up my prescription but I have not begun taking this yet. I welcome any information MDC folks have to offer.
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Celexa has a 4.3-16 nanogram/kg blood plasma level, but transfer rate is higher via milk. Use with caution and watch infant for side effects (per Hale, "There have been two cases of excessive somnolence, decreased feeding, and weight loss in breastfed infants.").
If I were you I would ask for one of the other meds like Zoloft which is very safe while bfing.

Zoloft is the "best drug choice so far". It has a low, low transfer rate to breastmilk (17-173 ug/liter) in mothers taking up to 150 mg/day. In one excellent study of 11 mother/infant pairs, the zoloft was undetectable in 7 of the 11 breastfeeding infants' serum and minimal in the other infants. In two other studies of one and three mother/infant pairs respectively, zoloft was undetectable in the plasma of all 4 infants.
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MCatLvrMoMof2 - Thanks for the information!
Zoloft certainly seems to be the better choice for nursing mothers. I wonder why I was automatically prescribed Celexa. Celexa even ranked lower than Paxil.

Is Zoloft more expensive than Celexa? I don't have health insurance so I am paying out-of-pocket - this may have influenced the Dr's decision. I hate that $ has to come into the picture here. :
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I dont know if it is more expensive or not. But my brother takes zoloft and he dosnt have insurance and I think he paid almost 40 for a 30 day script. You could call the pharmacy and get a price on zoloft without insurance and see if your dr will go generic as well that should lower it a bunch.
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That is encouraging. I paid $4 for 30-day supply generic Celexa at WalMart. Perhaps generic Zoloft is similar.
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Zoloft may be the safest per Dr. Hale, but it is also the oldest and thus best-studied, and also the least selective with lots of side effects. Celexa is probably better targeted. Sleepiness seems to only be a problem with young babies.

I did one day on Lexapro and couldn't take it and thought it was going to push me into mania, so I stopped. Good luck!
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Thanks, Galatea!
I took my third half-pill dose of the Celexa after dinner last night. So far, I am not experiencing any side effects and haven't noticed any in my daughters.
I will keep watching for side effects. So far, my dds are behaving normally.
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