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Homebirther Check-In!

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Having a homebirth? How are your preparations going?

I'm 36 weeks pregnant.
I just had my home visit by my midwife. She found her way easily, having worked in my town in the past. The dogs seem to like her fine, which was the biggest concern. I really need to get my space heater fixed so I can birth downstairs!!!

If I'm still pregnant in two weeks, I'll be having a home visit by the apprentice. I'm trying to figure out a way to tell her that she'll need to stay out of my space while I'm in labor. She's much more hands-on than my midwife, and I want a hands-off birth. I already talked to the midwife about it.

My birth kit is almost complete. I still need liquid calcium, though the midwife said it wasn't a big deal if I didn't get it. And I need extra batteries for the flashlight.

I don't have any fears about the homebirth itself. I mean, minor fears about transport, but I know that my midwife has an incredibly low transport rate, and I won't move unless it's an absolute emergency. So, really, I have fears about an emergency situation with the baby. I worry about this baby a lot, since she/he doesn't move much.

I've been trying to keep the house clean. I can see myself wiping down the bathrooms and running the vacuum while in early labor, just to keep the YUCK factor from affecting my birth experience.

We think the baby is still head-down. I've been drinking RRL tea along with pregnancy tea. And I've been walking as much as I can. And trying my best to eat healthy foods and stay hydrated!

This last month of pregnancy is the hardest for me. I'm ready NOW!!!

I think...
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I'm just 32 weeks, so I've still got a little while before I *have* to be ready. I've already gotten my homebirth supplies kit, but haven't gotten any of the other things they ask us to have.

I am feeling supremely uncomfortable and ready to be done, but know that my babe still needs more time to cook. I am really excited for my homebirth and am hoping that the babe decides to come at a time when the midwife who caught Talia can come. She's already said that she wants us to call her personally (yay!) if she's not on vacation. (We go to a practice with five midwives, which doesn't bother me, but it would be totally nice if we could have the same midwife who we made a nice connection with.) In other exciting news, my mother (who is a CNM in OR) is having surgery and is planning to come out and recover and is planning to be here for like a month around when I'm due! She was at the birth of our first child and it would be lovely to have her here for the birth of our last!

I do have lots of cleaning to do, but have been feeling like doing none of it because I've been VERY sick with the flu and DH has been out of town. Ah well. It will all come together, I'm sure.
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That sounds great (except for the hands-on apprentice -- hope she stays out of your space. Maybe your MW can pass on your wishes, 'cause I can understand that it could be awkward to bring up yourself to her.) I can understand worrying about baby -- hopefully it just means your babe will be really mellow and laid-back.

I'm 37 weeks tomorrow, wow. I have to wash some baby things and lanolize the wool covers. I have to gather some more of the things together that the MW wants handy, so it's in one spot. The big thing we have to do is put dd's bed together -- we bought a twin bed the same height as our king to push against ours because she's in between us right now and I want baby to go there. DD is so not ready to go into her own room down the hall, and the toddler bed we have on the floor next to our bed is too low and dd feels too separated from us when she is there. The bed was from IKEA so it's one of those do it yourself things, and I can't help really... and dh is so busy trying to frantically finish some editing work plus work his regular job.... oh well, once that's done I guess we'll be pretty much ready... although baby is more than welcome to wait until 40+ weeks. I don't really feel nervous about the labor -- my last one was easy and short enough. I have anxiety about pushing though. I also need to reread some books like Emergency Childbirth (and have dh read them too) because dd was 1 minute shy of being an unassisted birth, and I need to feel more prepped in that regard in case I have a similar labor this time.

MotheringHeart, so sorry to hear about the flu!! I hope you get better very quickly!!
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I'm getting ready! My birth kit is also almost complete. I need to sort what I have but at least 98% of the shopping is done. I am doing tons of laundry and trying to keep the house picked up. Next week I'll start thinking about food for the birth and beyond. I like planning a homebirth so much better than a stay in the hospital!
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Hey Debi! Had my home visit Monday. We're moving in March, so don't know where we'll actually be having the baby, but I have all my supplies except the latex free gloves in a tote. We're packing, and cleaning, and blah blah blah. My dog was ok, and will probably be calmer for the birth anyway so not too many concerns there. I need to get a few teas/tinctures for after the birth, and pay more attention to my hypnobabies practices. I go back and forth between "I'm not ready", and "I'm so done!"

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Well, I have my kit, birth ball, and a lambskin....but, I still have to get the diapers out of storage and ready, a few more receiving blankets, I guess some clothes may be in order too...lol I'm also wanting to get some cloth pads for me, but if all else fails, I'll just use a newborn diaper or something. I haven't really allowed myself to think or prepare too much for this birth yet, I think mostly b/c I'm only 34 weeks, and I don't want to go into labor yet. You know, don't want to jinx anything and end up not having a homebirth. So, I figure I'll start getting into gear around 37 weeks (or after home visit)and making sure everything is in order. I'm also trying to keep everything cleaned and organized.....emphasis on TRYING! Oh, that reminds me...I've got to email my midwife directions cause next visit is the home visit...and I was wanting to do a belly cast, so I guess I better be getting supplies for that...as time is running out!
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I'm 34 weeks along. I just ordered my midwife's birthkit online. It should arrive within the week. I want to buy an inflatable tub as well in case I decide to waterbirth or labor in the tub.

I'm planning UC... my midwife doesn't know, but I don't plan to call her until everything's almost over, unless something comes up. She lives and works just a few minutes away.

I've picked up a few diapers but there's so much stuff I don't have. My roommate was going to throw me a baby shower, but now I don't know if that's happening or not. She was pregnant too but miscarried, so I don't think she's up for it. I don't know how to find someone else to do it, but I reeeeeeally need one! Dh and I are not rich and were really depending on the shower to supply a good part of the initial neccesicites.

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36 weeks on Friday finds me ready, but still scared most of the time. First baby and all. I have the kit ready and am going to drain out the hot tub soon to clean and prepare it with fresh water for the big day!! It would be so much easier to know when that would be though as the timing with cleaning it out is important just kidding. I'm ok with mystery.

Someone mentioned tinctures for labor/birth. I have a ton of Motherwort tincture that I can send to those of you who need it. It is from my garden and should be very strong. PM me and send a little bottle. I'll be happy to fill it up.
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37 weeks tomorrow and everything is done. My birth pool is blown up, my birth ball is blown up, my mw brought over all of our supplies last week. Just have to clean my house to perfection, which you know when you are nesting is it never perfect .
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Midwife dropped off the birth tub today. She forgot the liner though. She'll be back next week and hopefully she'll remember.

Birth kit is ordered and should be here any day. Just have a few more things that I need to buy like pads and olive oil at the grocery store.

Having some minor mw issues, but nothing that's going to stop the birth of this baby.

I have been feeling the need to "prepare" my home for the birth. Did a deep cleaning of the bedroom and bathroom, don't care about the rest of the house too much though it's cleaned...at least a lot more than it usually is.

Things are falling into place. I have the green light to have baby after Valentine's day, though I don't think it will be anytime soon.
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I'm 36 weeks just now - midwife and apprentice (I'm very lucky that we love them both) will be coming for the official homevisit on Sunday. They've already been here a couple times, including for the initial interview, but this is to make sure they know where things like towels are.

We have soooooooooooooo much cleaning to do! DP was gone most of this week (but he's coming home tonight! yaaaaaaaaaaaay! and this is THE LAST trip for a very long time) so the evenings and this weekend will be really busy working on getting things ready, including doing a runthrough of setting up the tub (once we get a hose for it!) to make sure there's room for where we want it. And lots of vacuuming and carpet shampooing and tidying and cleaning the bathrooms and babylaundry and... I'm getting tired just thinking about it all.

We have almost nothing in the way of a "birth kit", but we don't really need it either. Picked up a ton of gloves from a friend, but they're latex, and the midwife needs nonlatex, so I'm not sure what we're going to do about that. :-/

I'm NOT feeling ready, but we're not completely unready, either, so I guess it'll all be ok, one way or another.
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Oh, lets see...
I still need to order my birth kit, but I guess it only takes a week to get here, I should send it out today or tomorrow
I still need to collect all the things that my midwife wants to have.
I did get my inflatable hot tub. It is off gassing in teh basement and we will be putting it in the dining room in a few weeks, I am only 34 weeks.
I need to order some afterease and make sure I have enough of rescue remedy, arnica and some others.
I need to wash all my diapers again, prepare my wool, and I really should look and maybe get more snappis
Clean the house, really need to clean the house. My homevisit is on the 26th.
Oh and a big one and almost deseerves its own thread. My midwife kinda just told me that I NEED to have someone here for at least 24 hours after the birth. This is only going to be a problem if my dh is gone. Which we won't actually know until I go into labor...So there is really no way for me to prepare for someone to be here. And there is the whole thing that all of my friends have kids, and really, who has the ability to come over to someones house for a whole day with their kids and take care of everythign? My midwife would actually prefer that someone was with me for a few days. So I am freaking out and have no clue what to do now. NOne, and I feel totally sick over this.
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I'm 36 weeks today too. Boy you all sure have gotten a lot done! I should probably get off the computer now and go tend to some of the above things...
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Originally Posted by Wild Flowers View Post
My midwife kinda just told me that I NEED to have someone here for at least 24 hours after the birth. This is only going to be a problem if my dh is gone. Which we won't actually know until I go into labor...So there is really no way for me to prepare for someone to be here. And there is the whole thing that all of my friends have kids, and really, who has the ability to come over to someones house for a whole day with their kids and take care of everythign? My midwife would actually prefer that someone was with me for a few days. So I am freaking out and have no clue what to do now. NOne, and I feel totally sick over this.
Does it need to be the same person for the 24 hours? Could you ask a few people to tag team so that no one needs to be there all day? Maybe you could set-up a phone tree. You or your midwife could call the first person on the list and that person could call the next and so on.
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That is a thought I actually didn't think of. I was just thinking how unreasonable it sounded for me to ask someone to drop their life because of me Thank you. I will see about bringing it up to some friends and see what they think. I am just hoping against all hope that somehow my dh is home and we are worrying ourselves to death for nothing.
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I'm 35 weeks today. We saw the midwives this morning, and they are coming for my home visit on Monday. They'll bring the tub and the birth kit. I have my lambskin and some small diapers, but still no clothes. I need to get those from my mom's attic.

I'm not really nesting. I'm too tired and uncomfortable. It feels like my round ligaments are going to rip in half. At my appointment today the midwife said the left side feels swollen - which doesn't surprise me because that's the side that hurts the most. Dh is pushing to have us bring people in to help, but I don't want anyone. My SIL has been asking, but she drives me batshit when I'm not pregnant... I just cannot deal with her now at all.

I found out today that one of my midwives is going out of town around my due date. If she's not here, they'll pull in my main midwife from my last birth who has retired. I like her, so that's okay. The apprentice will come as well as my midwife MIL and ER nurse mom. It's a big party! And the "safest" homebirth around!
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Well all I'm doing is checkin in and saying HI! I'm having a homebirth!!!


Because any more than that will stress me out.

I need help from DP. Yes, I have asked. No, I have not received.

So it's all on me now.

But I'm trying to stay happy with my chin up... this baby is going to be born no matter what
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I am not ready at all. Well the babies clothes are washed and receiving blankets are ready. But I am 37 weeks tomorrow and I have put my back out so I am not getting anything done today. I am going to the chiro tonight and then hopefully I can get all my supplies tomorrow, if I can move better tomorrow. So I hoping this baby will hold on until I am actually ready which is getting pretty everything ready including the nursery.
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I feel very ready. I'm 34.5 weeks. I have my birth kit and have my homevisit scheduled for 36 weeks. The baby clothes are washed and mostly everything is in order. I have been nesting like crazy and even DH is nesting, LMAO! [He reorganized our pantry the other day!] There are a few things I'd like to get done before the baby arrives, but nothing major. I'm getting excited!
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Yea!!! I actually ordered my birth kit and all my afterease and such too. So two things down. I know it is weird, but I feel like I need to be ready now, even though I have almost three weeks until I can give birth at home, it is 37 weeks, right? Maybe because there are so many on here that are actually due before me.
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