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Okay, I'm calmer now, and can share details

Darren John Oster was born Thursday, Feb. 1st, at 11:16 am, via c-sec. 9 lbs, 8 oz. Here's the link to the hospital pics:

I started having major back labor Monday night. Of course, while the contractions were regular, every 15-20 mins, they weren't nearly close enough to go to the hospital. Finally, mercifully, my water broke Wednesday night at 11:30. (I said to Ryan, "My water broke." He said, "Are you sure?" Well, sweetie, it's either that or I'm wetting my pants uncontrollably...)

We got to the hospital about midnight. And about an hour later, I pussied out. I was going to go natural. I was going to be strong and not have any pain killers. I was sure there was no pain so bad that having a needle stuck in my back would sound like a good idea.

I was wrong. By 1:30 or 2:00 am, I was begging them for an epidural. I can honestly say it didn't hurt that bad. It was the most glorious thing ever and I am NOT sorry I did it. I just could not handle the contractions. Mea culpa.

I dialated quickly, and started pushing at 4 am. At 5 am, the doc told me to stop and rest a while, as I had a cervical rim that he thought would go away on it's own.

At 7:30, I started pushing again, until 10:30. The last hour, there was no progress whatsoever. They could see about a quarter sized bit of his head, but that was it. The doctor was willing to let me push for another half an hour, but at that point, it seemed silly, given that nothing had happened for an hour. And that's how Darren came to be born c-sec.

He's currently on an apnea monitor (for a month), which is driving me crazy, but the doc says is necessary. I guess his oxygen levels were low the first day. He's been fine since then, though, so it appears we have nothing to worry about.

Breastfeeding is not going so well. Apparently I have "flat nipples" (who knew?), so the nurse immediately started me with a nipple shield. That worked, but then Darren's doc came in and told me to ditch it. (Easy for you to say, lady...) Fortunately, he seemed to be doing okay without it...for while. Then, he wouldn't latch on at all, with or without it. So the nurse brought me a supplementer, which, mercifully, worked great. Then the next morn, the doc came in and told me to lose it. I did, and he did great with out, while we were at the hospital, but as soon as we got home, it was like "Eh, I'm not doing this anymore." He'll latch on for about 5 sucks, and then stop. Needless to say, the poor kid has been on formula since Sunday afternoon. I continue to try to get him to latch on, but to no avail. And now my milk came in, so my boobs are so hard he can't latch on anyway. I'm renting a breast pump today, so hopefully that'll soften things up enough that it'll work.

AND the doctor kinda freaked me out, b/c apparently he lost more weight than what they'd like to have seen, so even if I WERE successfully breastfeeding, she wants me to supplement with a bottle after ever other feeding. : I guess I'm just sad that things aren't working out quite the way I had hoped.

At any rate, I have a beautiful, healthy baby boy. Even if NOTHING went the way I planned , it all worked out in the end.
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Welcome Darren! Be nice to your mom, sounds like she's getting harrassed by the medical staff...:

I hope the pump helps you out--my cousin went through the whole flat nipples-thing and a good pump worked wonders for her and after a week of pumping she and baby were both nursing lilke champs.
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They gave my kid formula citing too much weight loss in the hospital (1 lb) which brought him to under 6 lbs. I quit supplementing when we got home.

We had latch issues, too. Once you get that kid hooked on a shield, prepare to always use it! gah.
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congrats on your boy! Sorry to hear about your c-section though. I totally feel you on the flat nipples thing. That was a huge obsticle with my first dd. I used the sheild, but got pretty dependant on it util about 3 months. I h ope the nursing gets easier for the both of you.
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Congrats Amanda!!!

sounds like you experience was a bit like mine...with all the interventions and such AND the bfing issues...im just trying to do my best as i am sure you are too!! goodluck
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Welcome to the world Darren! Congrats Amanda!

Breastfeeding a newborn is truly the hardest part, but once you find your rhythm it can be such a rewarding relationship!

I had a terrible time establishing a breastfeeding relationship with DD #1- we used a nipple shield for 6 months. But now she is still happily nursing at 3!
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Congrats on your healthy baby boy!

Sorry about your c/s. I know all about that. I also had flat nipples. I was told NOT to pump when I was engorged and I really wish I had. It'll work out. I'm convinced the only way to a good nursing relationship is pure stubbornness on the mother's part. I had to be stubborn for 3 weeks. You'll get there.
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Yay! I've been thinking and wondering about you. I'm so happy for you!

Congratulations mama! and welcome Darren!

I'm sorry breastfeeding isn't going well. Sounds like you've gotten a ton of conflicting advice, you must be so frustrated! Could you call La Leche League or talk to a lactation consultant? PM me if you want help getting on contact with someone, I'd be happy to help.
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I'm so happy for you!!! He is a beautiful child. Sorry things haven't gone as planned. If it's any consolation, bf'ing is still really hard for me, too. : Hang in there, mama!
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I'm not in your DDC, but I'm training as an LC and the only advice I can give you is get to pumping. Also a nipple shield isn't that bad because now that the baby is used to a bottle it can act as a transition to the breast. Flat nipples do not doom breastfeeding. If you want to add the supplementer to the mix, do it. It will give the baby a sense of the breast being a happy place and that will get you two together quicker. Hire a private LC and go to LLL meetings or some breastfeeding support group. Unfortunately most doctors don't know squat about breastfeeding. Congratulations on your new baby! He's beautiful!
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Congratulations- we knew you wouldn't be pregnant forever!

I have to echo the bf advice. I've had to use nipple shields with both of mine and they are not that bad. A PITA to deal with, but if it saves a bf relationship, so be it. I used one for a couple of mths w/ DD1 and about 2 weeks now w/ DD2. My LLL Leader recommended it after seeing me struggle with babies that insist on trying to latch on with their tongues firmly planted on the roofs of their mouths. Find someone- an LC or LLL Leader that can provide you reliable accurate information and is willing to hold your hand through the learning process. It isn't always easy to establish bf but definitely worth it.
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Congratulations! That is one cute kid you got there!

I know how it feels to not have things go as planned. Sometimes you just gotta go with it. I totally agree that sometime BFing is all about stubburness. There have been nights I could barely hold my head up cause I was so tired in the beginning trying to get Lily to keep with it. But eventually it works it's self out. Your doing great and follow your instincts on whats best for you baby. By the way, both my kids lost about a pound by there follow up appointments and they were just fine. We just needed a little more time to get ourselves together. IMO I think what can hold mama's back in the bfing department is all the STRESS that is put on us. Breath and it will all come out the way it should.
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Congrats Amanda!!! Your baby boy is beautiful!!

I too have flat nipples and they tried to get me to use nipple shields but I ditched them b/c they just felt like torture devices to me. I figured that if it hurt that bad, I'd be better letting her work on the nipple directly. DD also lost a lot of weight initially. We went and got a pump and fed Annan with my pumped milk until we figured out how to nurse. At about a week old, we finally had a good long, feeding, but everything up to then involved a lot of crying on both our parts.

I have to agree with the PP who said that BF is all about stubbornness. After 6.5 weeks, I'm proud to say that we're still toughing it out. Latching on with DD is ALWAYS dramatic and it takes us several minutes to get a latch that we are both happy with. BUT, I firmly believe that our nipples are made for our babies' mouths, we just have to keep working at it until it becomes reality.

I HIGHLY recommend a lactation consultant. Not only does it help you figure out how to work with that squirmy infant, but they are so reassuring about how hard you are working and that you can do this! Hang in there momma, it does get easier, but thats often easier said than experienced.
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Congratulations! I'm so glad for you that he's finally here. I hope so much that you're able to overcome the trials you are having with breastfeeding right now - it's definitely worth it. Going to LLL or seeing an LC is an excellent idea.

Enjoy your babymoon!
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i recommend the lc too - i have one and she really helps. especially when my fiance is trying to get me to use a bottle cuz he is tired of watching my cry when i feed her!! its just the positive reinforcement that i need!
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I'm just popping in from Due in Feb... congrats on your new baby! I wanted to add that LLL leaders can be contacted in between meetings, phone calls to them are free. Some will even make a free home visit! There is no need to wait until a meeting. I see someone has already offered to find one for you if you want, I can do the same
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Congratulations, what an adorable baby!

I'm sure everything will work out!

Incidentally, I had an epidural with my first, too. I don't regret it at all, even though I thought ahead of time that the idea of a needle in my spine was terrifying. After 24 hours of labor, combined with horrible back pain, I found that I no longer thought that was such a frightening idea.
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Congrats on the birth of your sweet son!
I hope that bfing gets easier. hang in there!
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