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Finally able to say....

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DD has arrived earth side =) Kyler Jane Francesca was born on 2/1 at 8:52 pm at home in the water after a 16 hour long labor : She had a brief issue of transient tachypnea handled at home and is now doing great and nursing like a champ and just perfect =) She was 8 days past DD despite having contractions starting at 23w5d LOL
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Whew! What a long haul for momma!

Happy Birth Day Kyler! I just love hearing about water babies.
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Welcome Kyler! Congratulations!!!
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Congrats! Welcome Kyler
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Congratulations mama and welcome Kyler! What a beautiful name
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I love the name Kyler!
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Congratulations! I also love hearing about water babies! I would've loved to have had one if it hadn't all happened so fast- not that I'm complaining about fast!
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