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It's another girl!!

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We had our baby yesterday morning, at home unassisted. It was quick and intense and I'm pretty sore and tired, but extremely relieved and happy.

She's Anna Josephine, born Feb. 6, 10am, 7lbs 11ozs, 20" long. And she's beautiful, of course.
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Congratulations! Glad to hear that it all went well. Enjoy your new little one!
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OMG congratulations!
Our DDCs really hoppin' now!
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How exciting!!! I can't wait to hear all about the birth!
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Congrats mama, enjoy your baby moon!! I love her name :
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Congrats! Can't wait for your birth story!
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comgratulations!!! sending lots of
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welcome anna! congrats to you and your family.
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I am so excited to hear you had another girl lol. Wow that is a lot your hubby at home. I hope all is well.
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Congrats and welcome baby Anna!!
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