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Regarding the dog carrying. I used to do it all the time. I had a special pet pouch for my elderly Yorkie. Not only was it safer for my dog in crowded places, but it was good on public transit where you don't know when the person sitting next to you is afraid of dogs. It's funny because it looks like a baby carrier from the back, so people would walk pass me from behind with a smile on their face eager to see the baby only to look shocked then start laughing when they saw the little dog head poking out. I just smiled back.

Carrying a baby is a lot easier, though.
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Maybe that lady I saw the other day was wearing a dog. She was wearing a padded RS but it didn't look like there could've been a baby in there. My SIL and I were both wearing our babies in MTs and the lady didn't bat an eye at us, which is odd because usuassy when I spot BWing mamas we end chatting about carriers
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When I get weird stares I usually assume it's the hijab ... fortunately I've got nothing but amazed stares when I'm slingin' ds. It's so nifty to hear people whispering as I walk by, "That's so cool, there's a baby in there!" When ds was about three weeks old I was at a wedding and as I was putting him in the pouch I could see like half the guests staring at me. Didn't know babywearing could make me an instant celebrity.

The funny thing about the hijab is I always get compliments on it when I go to hippie stores though
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I live in the mainstream, conservative midwest and I get lots of positive comments when I wear my daughter in the ring sling. People are always making faces with her and saying that she looks so comfy and happy. Well no kidding, she's at face height, not knee height, and with her mama! I actually have only gotten one negative comment from a friend who said that I was going to break her legs. I said that I thought the millenia of women who have worn their babies in slings and soft carriers would probably disagree.
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