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These people are delivering my baby!

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here's their policy statement on circ, but in the pamphlet they gave me, it was more vague. But they told me to look it up on their site for more info.

I found out they do circ's in their office if you request it, but not at the mw's office where I go.

here's the link:


what do you guys think?
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It is to bad they don't say they do not recommend circ.I notice also that they do not mention retraction of the circed child to prevent adhesions in the after care section ,or that no risks of circ are mentioned.Atleast they do mention there is no proof that circ lessens the the risk of STDs.
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That is just a McStatement put out by ACOG. It was copied, cheap, fast and easy and fills the spot. It tells you nothing about their true feeling and intent or about their education level about intact children. Their actual feelings may be anything from avid pro-circ to "get somebody else to do it."

They may be a great group or they may be an educational opportunity or they may be a lost cause. Only further investigation will tell the truth.

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My next appt is the 27th, and I'm going to have a list of ?'s ready for them.

1) what do you reccomend we do?
2) what are the benefits of being left intact? Of being circ'd?
3) what are the risks or down sides to being intact? Being circ'd?

we'll see what happens. I'll let ya know. On a sadder note, my cousin had her boy yesterday, and i think they are cutting him today if they haven't already. My grandma sent me pictures of him, and one is of him naked right after birth, and you can see his fs.....it makes me sad to look at it because i know what is going to happen. I sent her the info and I talked to her, but it didn't sway her one bit. I just hope he makes it through ok.

poor baby
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hugs for your cousin!
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Christy- I don't really get where you are coming from. Why do you want to feel them out on this? Would it change your actions one way or the other depending on how they answer these questions? Would it change how you feel about them if they give you answers you don't want to hear? Are you trying to make a political point?

Where are you going with this?

Love Sarah
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I want to know what they think about it, and I want to make it clear to them that I'm not doing that. I want to know that I am being taken care of by caring, knowledgeable people, not people spreading mis-information about circ. If I need to change OB's to do that, then I will. I look at it this way, if they want to perpetuate circ, something that has been denounced by every medical organazation in the world, then what are they going to do to me in the delivery room? tell me I need a c-sec? Push drugs on me? Push induction? Circ is a medical intervention, and if they support that, then what other interventions do they support?

And if they give me incorrect answers, I'm going to leave them some nocirc pamplets and ask them to read them. Then I'm going to start looking for another OB/MW.

edited to add: Like DoulaSara, I don't want to do business with someone who supports circ.
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A tall order

Although I agree with you 100%... you might have a pretty hard time finding a OB you can trust and respect if you are going to make your judgements based on their willingness to mutilate baby boys. Although there are quite a few who don't activly encourage it, many will comply even after giving some lipservice against it. How would you feel if they gave a good anti-circ talk, but will still circumcise if the parents insist? How far will you go? What ethical standard are you going to hold them to.

I totally know where you are coming from, I don't trust the judgement of a circumcisier on anything... as soon as I find out that they would participate in that, all my trust and respect is gone.

I wish there was a list of doctors nationwide who had taken a oath to protect the genital integrity of children, so we could find OBs, midwives, GPs, urologists, pediatricians etc who we could trust.

I wish you luck.

Love Sarah
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Re: A tall order

Originally posted by Sarah
I wish there was a list of doctors nationwide who had taken a oath to protect the genital integrity of children, so we could find OBs, midwives, GPs, urologists, pediatricians etc who we could trust.
I agree. I am having the hardest time finding a ped that will leave my son's penis alone and stop telling me that circ may be in his future.

Maybe Doctors Opposing Circ has such a listing?
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I understand your position. I personally don't seek health care from smokers as I don't want to do business with people who participate in the whole addiction thing and who choose to damage their health but plan on helping me with mine.

Our midwife cares for a large Mennonite community and they circ across the board! I was a bit surprised to hear that they circ'd. She does not support circ but knows that the parents will have it done regardless and she is very kind about it and uses anesthetic. She expressed concern to me for the babies going else where (more mainstream drs) who might not use any pain relief. Judging by the care that was taken of our dd when she had her pku test done, I am sure that she is as compassionate as can be when doing such a horrible thing to a baby.

I weighed my position on circ against using her and felt that she and I really agreed on circ so I could make peace with having her attend our birth. The fact that she has the only birth center anywhere near me was a factor too. Had we not felt a "connection" with her we would have gone as far as The Farm in Tenn to birth this baby!!

Good luck in finding the peerson you can work with.
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Across the Board?????

Your statment that this Mennonite community circumcises all of their babies shocks me. Can you provide more information?

Do you know why? Do they think it is some religious requirement? Of all of the Christian religious groups, I would expect the Mennonites to be the least inclined to circumcise. Any information you can provide will be appreciated.

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I was rather surprised too! I'll talk to her and ask more about circ amongst them.

The discussion originally came up whe I was looking into pediatricians. I posed the circ question to one I was talking to. I think I asked him if he did them and he said no, that circ was done by the ob and not the ped. I then talked to the midwife about it and she said she did them and then the discussion about the Menonite community followed. I'll ask her more.
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