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Shocking comment from a teacher

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My SIL is a teacher. She teaches fourth grade.

She happened across my MySpace page which just happens to be very pro-breastfeeding and I recently added some anti-circ graphics.

Today the SIL called me and she had a fit over my anti-circ graphics on my page.

She started saying over and over again "It's nasty, It's nasty (meaning intact men)" She went on to say how dirty and disgusting it was for a man to be intact. I stayed as calm as possible because she was getting a little shrill. I tried to explain everything I had recently learned about circumcision. She then began the "It's nasty" chant again.

Then she said "Your brother wasn't circumcised until he was four and it didn't hurt him." (My brother was circumcised at two years old because a urologist said he had phymosis because he was not retractable. : )

The shocking part of this conversation was when she said "One of my fourth graders has been complaining that his foreskin is itchy. So I told his mom she needs to take him and get that cut off." She said that the mom said "I know. We are going to the urologist to get that taken care of soon."

I cannot believe that a teacher would have the nerve to say something like that to a parent! I am so very sad for that poor little boy!
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One more reason for me to homeschool...

Good for you for keeping your Myspace true to you... I've been looking for anti-circ stuff for my page... no luck yet!
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that is insane. I would seriously be going to the S.I. over that. Where does she get off making medical recommendations?
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Yup, this is the environment we are working in, these are our working conditions. (Where's OSHA? That's hazardous to one's mental health!)

'Dr Freud? I have this dream, my mother keeps coming after my penis with big pair of scissors!'

It's a scary world. : Just keep coming back here for sanity, & remember, a good offense is the best defense. (Don't ever let cutters back you in a corner! )
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I sent a PM to the poster about the myspace propoganda... Feel free to comment on my page at AmandaRaeBL if you have any No Circ Pro BF graphics!!!

As far as that teacher goes.... That's nothing she should be asking or commenting about, first of all. She's a teacher, not a medical professional (not that THEY know everything) That's too bad. Good job keeping your cool
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Omg if that teacher told that to my face stating that of a recommendation of a 'stating to remove the foreskin because it's itchy sheesh 'all penises itches just like balls(we see so many men joke about scratching their balls! Might as well suggest to remove them when they are itchy we females are itchy even when we don't any issues down there. All more likely he may just have a natural itch , you know moisture/sweat - itchy . Hopefully his mom will be to the pro intact smart urologist but in texas it's more likely gonna be a cut happy doc!

If I had observed that attitude and report of medical advice from a teacher I would have 'reported her to the committe board holding all the feeling of preventing from lashing out on that because she thinks foreskin is nasty - for her attitude that's what I would state she is!
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I am waiting for th perfect time to say...

Oh wow....So are you just teaching(in this case) on the side while going to med school?? Since you seem to think you know what your talking about
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When I taught we were told that telling parents their kids needed ritalin could get one fired. I can't imagine what would have happened if I told someone to mutilate their son! Goodness, that is going WAY out of bounds.
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I am more shocked by the parents answer...'we are going to go take care of it'.

What if it was a girl having itchy vagina?

That woman should not be a teacher if she is that uneducated. Why is she allowed to teach?
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I would make an anonymous call to the school and report her if I knew the name of the child in question... I cannot believe that a teacher would do that! She better be glad it wasn't MY son she was talking about to ME. I would have gotten her fired for that bit of meddling After giving her a serious piece of my mind :

I'm so glad we'll be homeschooling :

love and peace.
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I was so shocked by her comments I really didn't know what to say. :
In hindsight I wish I had asked his name or something! :

I also wish I had said something brilliant to counter her. I honestly was standing there with my jaw on the floor.

I can't imagine how sad it is going to be if she and my brother have any baby boy's when they start TTC.
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Wowee.... That is WAY out of place for a teacher to say. My eldest is in 4th grade and if his teacher told me that, I'd say "uh huh..." and drop the subject.

ETA: How does she even know he's not circ'd? I'm quite sure my sons' teachers have no idea....
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Originally Posted by Nathan1097 View Post

ETA: How does she even know he's not circ'd? I'm quite sure my sons' teachers have no idea....
No clue on that one. The only thing I can think is maybe the boy told her?
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How does a fourth grade teacher know about a boy's itchy penis? I can see one of my mom's first-graders blurting that out but not a 9 or 10 year old. I'm not implying there was any wrongdoing but it seems like a strange comment for the classroom.
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Your SIL has serious issues. The funny thing is, my sister was with an intact guy and didn't even know it for a year, they look the same when hard.
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Sounds like that woman has some serious issues and needs to be kept away from little boys. I'd have reported her for misconduct, what the heck is she doing knowing about the penises of boys that are in her class and trying to impose her preference of penis on them? She sick in the head or what? What's she planning on doing to them?
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Originally Posted by CalenandEllasmomma View Post
She said that the mom said "I know. We are going to the urologist to get that taken care of soon."
The parents obviously don't want to circ their son, since he's in 4th grade and intact. (That generally does not happen by accident in this country) I took their comment to mean that they are going to get his infection cleared up or whatever, not that they will circ him. Of course, that is not they way your SIL presented the scenario to you, if it is even a true story.

And if I was a parent in this situation, I would have reported your SIL's behavior to the principal. That was completely inappropriate. I would have told her she was an idiot, and I probably would have requested a different teacher for my son (one with some degree of maturity would be a good start).
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I'm hoping that the mom just said that to get my SIL to stop talking.
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So obviously if she gets a yeast infection then she'll be chopping up her vagina, right? Because the solution to an irritated body part is to remove it. Oh your allergies are acting up and making your eyes watery? Ok, take out your eyes.
</sarcasm off>
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Yeah, that a 4th grader was talking about it sounds farking odd. I think she's just making it up.
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