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Has anyone changed OB late in pregnancy?

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I am at 29 weeks and I just miserable with the OB group I am with. When I picked it I chose the one close to my home because I was planning to move at 20 weeks, but my job changed so I am not moving. Now I am stuck in this practice that is very epidural/c-section oriented. I had a drug free natural birth with my first and this practice does not seem very into this. I need out.

I know most people on these threads have homebirths, I would love to do this however my insurance will not cover it and I don't have the money to pay for a midwife.

Has anyone switched practices this late in a pregnancy? If so, were there any problems? Do you think I will find a practice that will take me? Thanks for your help.
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I switched from an OB practice to CNMs at a birth center at 36 weeks with my first pregnancy. I could have easily chosen another OB practice though. My big worry was the insurance company and it turns out they don't care who they send the money to.

I say do it! You deserve to have the pregnancy and birth you desire and if this group of OBs cannot offer that, then there is a group who can.
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I did at 28 weeks. I am so happy I did and wish I had done it sooner. So much stress was relieved when we switched. DH and I debated for over a month on whether we should switch or not.
Dr D (new dr) had no issues w/ taking me on then. One dr I called would only take new patients up to a certain week. Another dr would only take you later in preg if you'd been seeing someone else.
I had a list of questions I needed answers to and just called the offices.

The one I was at seemed very much like the one you're at now. My new Dr is very laid back and believes birth is a natural process and to just let things go. Imagine that!!!!!

Good luck!
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I switched midwives at 30 weeks. Best thing that happened.

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You may also check into a hospital CNM. It's unfortunately common for insurance to not pay for direct entry midwives (it depends on the state), but it would be very strange for insurance to not cover a CNM. The CNM may need to be affiliated with-as in, employed by-a doctor. (That really burns me, but it is the way it is.)

Good luck and best birth wishes!

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I switched at 38 weeks. I was searching for someone who would be willing to deliver my baby breech. MY CNM referred me to a great male OB who had trained in Africa and believed in the strength of women's bodies. The tribe he worked with happened to carry many twins, and as such he was skilled in breech delivery. In the end I went back to my original CNM and had a c/s. I chickened out and my out of state mother had to go back to CA and would have missed the birth of my baby.
Anyway, they were very willing to accept me that late in pg. I think if it is someone you feel comfortable with that will take precedence over the amount of time you have known them.
Act proactively for your birth scenario! A great caregiver will be a great caregiver no matter when you go to them.
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Originally Posted by InstinctiveMama View Post
I switched from an OB practice to CNMs at a birth center at 36 weeks with my first pregnancy.
Ditto, except I did this at around 28-29 weeks. Best thing I ever did. Ask around, see if you can do a little get-to-know-you appointment, and try to find someone/a practice you're comfortable with! It will be well worth the effort.
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I was forced to switch between 25-28 weeks because my midwife practice dropped me as a patient. Long story short, they (or rather, their back up OB...explains a lot!!!) weren't comfortable with my very benign genetic "disorder" (thallasemia, very mild form). Anyway, I spent a few frantic weeks looking for another local midwife that would do a homebirth and was not at all thrilled with what I came up with.

I ended up moving out of state (to where my MIL lives) to have the baby. I've found a wonderful midwife that can do my homebirth and has absolutely no problem with thallasemia. I've had a wonderful pregnancy with no problems at all. The move was the best thing I could've done and do not regret it at all. It was a radical solution, but I'm very surprised at the support we've received from everyone close to us. I'm virtually stress-free now! Much better situation than if that midwife practice had kept me as a patient!!

It can be done...make the change now and find a practitioner that you are comfortable with and have the birth you want!!! One of my greatest worries was having a regret or birth outcome I didn't want where I was not in control and forever resenting it. Now, I feel completely in control and that I can do it...and do it MY way!
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i switched from one MW to another at 29 weeks, it worked out so well.
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Change! Change! Change! You'll never be sorry you got the birth you and your baby deserve. I did just one week before giving birth. No regrets. Good luck, mama
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