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#1 - 2 hours - and he was only 5 lb 12 oz.
#2 - I can't really remember - they kept saying "don't push - doctor's not here" "don't push - doctor's not wearing gloves". I didn't care about that, but I didn't want her to come too fast and tear me. I was trying to not push. Dh says it took 2 contractions.
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With DD1, I think i pushed about an hour.

DD2 was out in 3 pushes.
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6 hours for my first and only.
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1st: 30 min
2nd-4th: 15 min or less each
5th and 6th twice and one time each.
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Originally Posted by monkeys4mama View Post
I assume he got cuter over time??? :
Well, I think so, but I've seen that newborn picture and he was pretty dang ugly!
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Two hours for the first and 6 minutes for the guy coming right after
I'm sure it helped that he was a whole pound smaller too!
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20 minutes for my first and 20-25 minutes for my second.
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20 minutes for 1st, then had c/s

2nd baby (HBAC) pushed for a total of about 3 hours (2 hours of pushing followed by an hour of laboring down, resting and climbing stairs to help baby move down, then another hour of pushing).
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first was maybe 15 min was when i wanted to same with second but it was longer pushed for about 40 min but that was me just getting mad and pushing him out with out contractions (but that is a long story)
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I actually never pushed. I kinda 'breathed' them all out. It's hard tp descibe. it was kind of involuntary pushing and I just tried to let it happen.
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Baby #1 : pushed 20 minutes (water broke 3 pm, baby born 4:15 pm)
Baby #2 : pushed 45 minutes (water broke 12:03 pm, baby born 12:05 pm)

All my pushing was totally involuntary, my body made me do it.
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My 1st was 2 pushes, about 5 minutes, but he was only 1 1/2 lbs.
My 2nd, I pushed for 1 1/2 hrs. Feeling him move through me scared me and I resisted pushing. He was 9 1/2 lbs.
My 3rd, I pushed out in about 20 minutes. She roared out of me and didn't pause after the head was born. She just came out all at once. She was 8 1/4 lbs.
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1st birth, 47 minutes, water broken manually by m/w right before I started pushing, baby was 7#7oz
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Two hours followed by c-section. Baby was OP asynclitic with a 95th percentile head circumference and got stuck, unsurprising after 50 hours of failure to descend/dilate prior to intervention.

When my mother had me I also got "stuck" and she actually had to be transferred to another hospital (located across the street) where apparently they were better equipped to deal with it. She did not have a section, but of course, it was a more conservative environment for cesareans back then. I do not know how long she pushed for or what exactly they did to get me out. I don't know my stats at birth but I also have a large head (one size fits all hats don't fit me).

My mom went on to have another kid without getting stuck. My mom and I both have large pelvises, at least looking from the outside. So I dunno what's with that.
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1st birth: 2 hours (but probably would have been closer to 1 1/2 hr if the doctor would have hurried up and gotten there ); baby weighed 7 lb, 14 oz

2nd birth: 6 minutes; baby weighed 8 lb, 10 oz
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3 hours w/#1 (ended up w/ c-section)

21 mins with my properly positioned HBAC baby
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Both births: 10 minutes at most, more likely like 5. Both times it just kinda happened on its own. I just couldn't hold the baby in anymore.
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I think around 25 minutes (but my body did the pushing on its own--I had no control over it). I had a super fast labor. Some contractions that petered out from noon to 4 pm. Then active labor began at 9 pm, baby was born at 12:30, and that was with 30 minutes of regression when we arrived at the birth center (had my first pushing contrax in the car, then went back into transition).
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15, maybe 20 minutes with my first. I'm hoping the next one will be the same. It was AWESOME. I loved pushing.
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About 20 minutes.
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