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#1 was a 7 hour labor with 20 min of pushing (with an eipidural)
#2 was a 3 hour labor with 2 pushes (med-free birth)
#3 Time will tell but the midwife is making sure we are well versed on UC birth!
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I had a 12 hour labor with 31 minutes of pushing.
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#1 was a c-section after a few hours of induced labor.
#2 i pushed for about 15 to 20 minutes after 48 hours (!!) of labor.
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1st: 3 hours, then forceps. Prolly due to my epi because he had a nice smallish head (he was 9lbs but he was not a big headed baby ).
2nd: 30 minutes, big head, 10lb 2.3oz
3rd: 17 minutes irrc, biggish head on my back to avoid SD, no epi, 9lbs 13oz
4th: 25 minutes, biggish head, hands and knees until last sec when her shoulders got caught, 10lbs 7oz

All were posterior.
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#1 - 3.5 hours (14 hour labor)
#2 - 20 minutes (1 hour, 40 minute labor)
#3 - 20 minutes (I think, I didn't actually check the clock or the midwife's records this time, but that sounds about right.) (5 hour labor, or 8 if you count the 3 hours of no contractions after my water broke)

My water broke first with all 3.
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I pushed for 3.5-4 hours with my ds - breech, no interventions, but I started pushing too soon, most likely, because I was tired of being in labor! I never really had an urge to push, I just decided to. 18 hour labor.

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I had over 7 hours of pushing ctx that I breathed/relaxed through b/c I was waiting for a pushing urge. Once I started pushing (no urge) dd was born in 25 min. So is that 7-8 hrs pushing or 25 min pushing? It all felt the same . . . awful!

dd 10 mos
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1st-2 hrs
2nd- off and on for 25 hours before transport from hb to hopital-then another 15 min. after pitocin
3rd- less than an hour
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DD1 - 24 hours of labor & 3 hrs pushing
DD2 - 24 hours of labor & 5 minutes pushing (much easier!)

With dd2 I was much more relaxed and really let my body do most of the 'pushing' on it's own without much help from me. It was funny because I kind of wanted to push for an hour but was so relaxed I decided not to. My husband still says I was 'totally peaced out' with labor of dd2. Only in the last few minutes did I really 'bear down' to get her out.

I think every woman is completely different and every baby is completely different.
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My first was 30 minutes.
Second, 30 seconds!

Not too bad considering I had epidurals with both:
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I sort of practiced pushed for about 30 - 60 minutes and more effectively pushed for two hours. My water broke when I was pushing - after that it was easier to be effective, but harder labor! It was hard, but I stayed active - changing positions and locations - from hands and knees, sidelying to standing in shower and sitting on the toilet!
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#1: 2 hours (6lb 14oz)
#2: c-section.
#3: five minutes tops, he came out in about two or three pushes. (9+lbs)
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I pushed for 3 hours at home before transferring to the hospital. I never had a strong urge to push, even with a full pitocin drip. I pushed for another 4 hours at the hospital before having a c-section. It's reassuring to read other's times, because I'm really hoping the next baby will be a VBAC. I feel a lot more confident now that the first baby is here safely despite a less-than-desireable birth.
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51 hr labor. The last 1 1/2 or so was pushing.

I found the pushing to be super pleasurable. DD just slowly made her way down. I Only had a small tear...not bad for a 10.3 lb baby!
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two hours, which was quite a shock to me because i think i read one too many stories of "i then pushed three times and she was out!"
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With my 1st: 4 hours and 50 minutes (after 28 hours of labor). He was 9 lbs. 2 oz.

With my 2nd: 15 minutes (after 4 hours of labor). He was 9 lbs. 4 oz.

I didn't have an urge to push at all, with either of them.
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First baby: 2 1/2 hours. This was after 27 hours of hard labor. He was finally delivered with forceps.

Second baby: 1/2 hour, 3 pushes

Third baby: Shot out like a cork in under 5 minutes, 1 push

With this baby, I figure I will sneeze and out they'll come
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with my first i pushed for about 2 1/2 hours....

with my 2nd i didn't really push, she just kind of gushed out.... my body "pushed" for about ... i don't know, maybe a few minutes??! .... but it wasn't like i was *trying* to push, it was just something that happened. and it happened very, very quick!
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2 real pushes, less than 5 minutes.
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#1 - 4 hours, it was painful and hard, I think he was posterior and had to spin all the way around. That or he was just being stubborn, he's still like that.
#2- she just came out, I didnt consciously push, took maybe 5 minutes from first feeling her start to enter the birth canal to out
#3 - my body pushed for about 15 minutes? but I didnt add to it, just let her come down. It was probably 4-5 "pushes" total.
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