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Intro and a weird question

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Hi! I'm new to this forum on MDC and I've got a strange discipline question. I've got a 14-month-old boy who has started gagging himself for some strange reason. It's been about a month or two since he started it. He just sticks two fingers in his mouth and gags. Sometimes it drives me simply mad! I've tried to pin down the reason he's doing it, but there's no rhyme or reason to when he does it. Has anyone else had this problem? How do I get him to stop doing it? AAAHHH!
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I think this is fairly common. My dd used to do it. I think it just went away by itself.

It sure seemed strange though.
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My DD did it too. Sometimes she would make herself throw up. It passed (thank goodness!)
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I think they just have fun learning all the weird and fun things their bodies can do, after all, it's all new and exciting to them. Just ignore it and it'll stop soon enough.

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My youngest did this too. It seemed like the more horrified I was, the more she enjoyed it. I'd say it's just a phase. It didn't last too long for us.
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Looks like you're not alone! My 9-month-old does this sometimes too, but not often. I could totally picture him getting in to that habit though when he's a bit older. Anything to keep me wide-eyed and bewildered!

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Wow! Who knew? I never heard of anyone else's baby doing this so what a relief! I'll try to overlook it, I guess. Hoping he won't actually throw up, LOL! I just need to convince dh that he'll grow out of it (at least we can hope). Thanks so much!
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same here..

My son used to do that chronically at that age, he even made himself throw up once! He did grow out of it and never does it anymore. I think it may be an experimental thing.
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Wow, I love this place. I learn so much from you mommas! Our 11 month old has not done this yet but if it starts, I'll know to ignore it. I figure I don't have too many discipline issues with her at her age but I like to read here and learn of things to come and great ways to deal with them.

Good luck ignoring it!
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mine did that, and then he started jamming his fingers up his nose as hard as he could. tears would stream down his face from the pain! if i said anything or gave a worried look he would do it more so i had to really work at ignoring it. he stopped, then a few weeks later got interested in sticking things in his ears. :
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