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Are you done?

Poll Results: Are you done having babies?

  • 36% (13)
  • 5% (2)
    not sure
  • 16% (6)
    I'd like 1 more
  • 2% (1)
    I'd like 2 more
  • 8% (3)
    I'd like 3 more
  • 2% (1)
    I'd like 4 more
  • 0% (0)
    I'd like 5 more
  • 2% (1)
    I'd like 6+ more
  • 16% (6)
    I'll take whatever I get
  • 8% (3)
36 Total Votes  
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Are you done having more babies? If not, how many more would you like to have?
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Most often I *think* we're done........BUT, I do fantasize and know for certain that if we had 1 more that would definately be it. So, that makes me wonder if we should have just 1 more, then we'll feel more sure in our decision to not have another :
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Now that dh and I are officially outnumbered 3:2 by kids, I am not just done, I am SO done!
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Um, who's going to vote 6 or more?!?! :

Oh yes, we're done, btw. DP is getting the ol' sniperoo!
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I don't know. Some days dh says he's done, some days I think 2 feels right and even catch myself saying "when ds2 is in school, I'm going to go back..." Then I realize that I'm unconsciously planning our future with 2 children.

It's weird though because dh and I always had 3 in our minds and I was always thinking I'd be fine with 4.

We'll see. It's really hard for us to think logically with so little sleep.
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We're definitely not done but I may be done biologically. We'd love a bio son but I don't know if I want to do the pregnant thing again. If not, we'll definitely adopt. Hell, we're probably going to adopt at some point anyway. regardless of future bio children.
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i voted 1 more, but maybe more... we're going to reevaluate after 2
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we are done DH gets his snip next month.

I would have loved 5-6 kids but DH was set on 2, and due to age and compications this is it.

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Who knows? I would like one more soon and maybe no more, maybe 2 more in a few years.
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I voted two but we just plan on keeping on 'til we get a girl.
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We are done. Dh got his snip back in Dec. It just feels right for us to have 2.
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I am no where near done! but the next one(s) will be much later in my future
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I love having two, but I have really wanted three for a long while now. I am totally open to changing my mind and being content with my two, and it's still so early to see what it's like. We have 2 years to decide!
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I put other. I want 1 or 2 more.

For those who are done, do you feel done? I am worried I will never feel done.
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Maybe 1-2 more. Maybe also adopt. We're open.
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for those of you who want more soon, are you using birth control now (other than bf) or are you just seeing what happens?
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Using condoms, but I haven't got my cycle back yet,.
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also using condoms but no cycle yet. Plan on stopping condoms this summer and seeing what happens.
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Originally Posted by Robynee View Post
I voted two but we just plan on keeping on 'til we get a girl.
That's us too. Except that if the 4th is a boy we may adopt a girl or two. We are considering putting in adoption paperwork while pregnant next time.

As "fun" as it was having my first two 15 months apart, I think ideally I'd like to wait 3 years before having a 4th. That said, we're not using much in the way of birth control at the moment. As soon as I get my cycle back I'll use the Babycomp and timed abstinence most likely...as long as a toddler doesn't start pushing random buttons again!!!
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I completely and totally feel done. It's just something I know.
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