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What's your everyday makeup and jewelry?

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Fluff topic, I know, but I'm just curious. :

My everyday makeup is:
--lip gloss that gets applied once when I leave the house and is never reapplied, so it's pretty much gone in an hour.

My everyday jewelry is:
--wedding rings
--small hoop earrings

So, pretty simple here. There are definitely days where I'm in my PJs until 11:00 and never get around to putting on any makeup or jewelry, but I find that on the days I get dressed and ready early, I'm much more productive, and it's nice being able to leave the house at the drop of a hat rather than having to get ready before going somewhere. Also, my (very nice!) neighbor has been dropping by unexpectedly lately, and has caught me with a rat's nest for hair enough times that I've started making a bit more of an effort before coming downstairs in the mornings.
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Man, do I look crappy now - tough day with the kiddos.:

BUT, I shower every morning b/f DH leaves for work.
Make-up: concealer where needed, some blush, some bone colored eye shadow (just makes my eyes lok more awake, not made-up), some eyeliner on top lids and mascara - oh, and my brows have to be filled in a little (they started getting thinner when I hit 30: )

Jewelry - small earrings and a watch...I only wear my rings when I leave the house 'cause they make me rashy
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I like my share of fluff topics My everyday is just shower & fix my hair... nothing too fancy just blow dry & product. I wash and moisturize my face.

Everyday jewelry is just my wedding rings and diamond earrings (first gift dh ever gave me when we were dating.) I used to wear a tennis bracelet but ds just pulls on it right now.
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I've realized I feel better and get more done when I'm "full on". I do full face makeup, blowout my hair. I'm not a huge jewelry fan: small hoops, occasional necklace and wedding bands.
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I am just a basics kinda person. I don't wear make-up (makes me break out) and usually only wear my two rings (wedding ring and mother's ring, and one necklace (I got for Christmas from my children).

I keep my hair down or pulled back in a barrette or ponytail. So I can go from sound asleep to up and ready in about 2 minutes. Makes it easy when I have to be ready in an instant for anything (which happens frequently with so many children).
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- Burt's Bees chapstick
- sometimes powder foundation from the Body Shop

- wedding ring
- diamond ring dh got me the first Christmas we were married
- necklace dh got me for a bday
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foundation, blush (so people will not mistake me for a corpse.)

Sometimes mascara.

Wedding ring. That's about the maximum amount of girly floofiness I have time or energy for.
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tinted moisturizer
skin primer
eye shadow (highlight under brow, matte neutral beige/browns)
eyebrow gel
lip primer
lip gloss


wedding/engagement rings
large silver/amber ring
collection of silver bracelets-incl. turquoise, ones dh picked for me in India
silver necklace w/om symbol
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Sometimes nothing..no makeup or jewelrey...
But spf face lotion I try to remember at least a few times a week.

Most often just wedding rings and blush.

Oh. And I do use hair products.
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neutral eyeshadow (one shade only)

It sounds like a lot, but it's not heavy. My hair is short, so even with a shower, I'm ready in 15 minutes.

just wedding ring and Aggie ring

How do those of you with young toddlers manage earrings. Mine just wants to touch them (pull them!)
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No makeup, small religious necklace.

This has not changed due to SAH. It's just my style. I don't think there's any reason to change one's style due to SAH.
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Everyday makeup and jewelry! Haha!! That's a good one! :
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In the summer, I usually go makeup free because it's just too darn hot here. I just got a few samples of mineral makeup, so I'm loving that, and in the last few days I have been wearing that powder foundation. Sometimes I'll wear my tinted moisturizer, and on the days I go to Bible study or to lunch, I'll do the works.

Jewelry - my wedding/engagement ring, my necklace with my H and B letter charms and my diamond studs.
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If I am just staying home all day I don't do make up.

If I go out I wear lip gloss (clear), eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara.

The only jewelry I ever wear is my wedding ring because DS plays with everything else.
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No makeup usually but sometimes I will wear eyeliner, mascara, and lipgloss

Everyday I have wedding ring, 2 g plugs and 4 hoops and my monroe piercing.
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earrings, for the past few months its been black pearls. I have worn earrings every day since I got my ears pierced at the age of I think 12. I am 32. Love my pierced ears. I should say every day unless its when I have terrible morning sickness and then for some reason I wear no jewelery don't feel well enough for anything I guess.

Wedding ring set

some type of lip color.

hair is done each and every day unless of course sick
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* No make-up ever...but I do curl my eyelashes:
* My wedding ring....but... on a blue moon I will put on earrings ( studs ) and a ring that was my mothers.
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Most days nothing, i mean, brush hair and ponytail or headband it.
If i do wear makeup, i just curl my eyelashes and put on mascara and cherry chapstick.
I almost always wear my wedding rings and if its a makeup day then it's usually an earring day too, and those depend on my mood and what im wearing.
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- Fill in eyebrows with brown eyeshadow (it's subtle, but I feel naked without it)
- Blush
- Mascara

I wash my hair evey other day and blow dry it straight. I wear it down. (It's shoulder-length.)

- I wear diamond stud every day. Gift from dh for my college graduation.
- About 50% of the time I wear a wedding ring, but I don't really like wearing rings.
- Occasionally I wear a necklace, just something small.

That's it!
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