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I wear my wedding band and engagemnt ring everyday. Also my watch.

If I had earrings on, Maggie would rip them out pronto so will wait a while on those. Use perfume. Sheer miricle makeup, base, blush, eyemakeup. powder. lipstick or burts bees lip shimmers. Carry a purse that dosent say "mommy purse" since everything else is in the diaper bag anyhow. Wear boots w a heel out and a nicer coat. Except this week since its 10 below and ice all over. Its my snow boots that are short and my ll bean coat.
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Originally Posted by peace View Post
Everyday makeup and jewelry! Haha!! That's a good one! :

-If I leave the house it's a quick swipe of powder, blush, mascara,
shadow liner, and gloss. It can be done in a minute and a half.

-If I am actually meeting people that I know, I take more time.

Everyday, it's nothing.
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Okay I am going to sound really really sad.

No make-up whatsoever. And my wedding band. And sometimes not even that.
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I haven't been wearing makeup in the past several months. When I do wear makeup on a daily basis it's loose powder, maybe blush, natural eyeshadow, mascara. Maybe eyeliner. When I go out at night it's all that stuff plus heavier eyeliner and eyeshadow. I've been giving makeup a rest though in an attempt to control my skin.

Jewelry -- silver ring on left ring finger my mom bought me for 13th bday, right ring finger is a gold/garnet ring mom bought for 18th Christmas. (I'm 23)`
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Moisturizer, foundation most days (because I'm so pale), blush, mascara and lipgloss sometimes. Rarely wear eyeliner, eyeshadow, or lipstick. The only jewelry I wear is my wedding and engagement rings. If I'm going out sans child I'll put on earrings or a necklace.
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Before dd, I would go all out (which is less than some, but all out for me!) - including styling my hair, matching jewelry and a fair amount of makeup. Now with 2 kids, our morning routine doesn't allow for all of that.

I've fallen into a habit of doing very little now (other than a daily shower!) if I'm going to be home most of the day - other than taking ds to school. Most days, I just wear a little mascara, lip gloss, I have studs that stay in most of the time, my wedding ring, and I pull my long hair up into a loose pony tail. I've even stopped wearing my watch on a day to day basis.

If I'm meeting with someone, going someplace during the day, or just even feel up to it, I'll do more with makeup, but my jewelry doesn't really change and I don't fuss too much with my hair. It's just too much to do in the morning.
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Neither. I do put on some powder when leaving the house and my wedding rings/watch if I remember.
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Every day I shower and comb my hair. If I'm leaving the house I usually do my makeup and put on my wedding/engagement ring, but if I'm not really going anywhere I don't put on any makeup or my ring. I typically don't wear any other jewlery ever.

My 'everyday' makeup is:
lipstick and gloss

If I feel like it or am dressing up I also add:
cover up
eyebrow shadow

Since I've been pg, I haven't been wearing any makeup at all which is unusal for me.
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all in one foundation/powder
lipstick (I looove lipstick)

Then i dry my hair and put gel wax in it to get some texture so I dont have to spend time styling it.
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Makeup, a full face of mineral makeup, everyday even if we are just hanging out at home. I have really bad skin and having kids has made it worse. I look like I am recovering from the flu 365 days a year.

Jewelry, my engagement and wedding ring, small diamond earrings from when we were dating and some really cheap small silver hoops, I have a lot of piercings.
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Umm, none. No jewelry other than nose piercing which never comes out. No makeup other than aloe vera gel as a moisturizer. I feel great just to have a nice shower daily.
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No makeup. Chapstick if I need it. I always have my nose ring in and either my engagement ring or the temporary wedding band on (still haven't gotten around to getting our real ones a year after the fact ) and two or three black rubber bracelets (think Madonna in the 80s) and a hairband or two on my right arm.
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I wear no make-up or jewlry except for my wedding band. Oh I do put on chapstick (cold in MD), and now and then some lip stuff(not really lipstick, but it colors the lips a little). When I want to leave the house, I don't want to spend so much time getting ready, in my opinion I have other things to do and spend my money on. My husband doesn't care for all that stuff anyways. He would proberly hide it if I got some . I just dress nice and do my hair in a style every now and then.
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No makeup, sometimes my wedding ring. I've never done more.

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No make-up or jewelry on a regular basis. Dh usually reminds me to wear my wedding ring when we go out and oftentimes asks why I dont wear it everyday (usually dont even think about putting it on). I do enjoy make-up/jewelry on the rare occasions I go out but even then I find it hard to have the time for myself. Those of you who do it regularly-how do you find the time? I always feel rushed in the morning getting dd1 up, dressed, off to school, etc..
If you do it everyday, how does it fit into your schedule??
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I wear a lipliner and burts bees chapstick. Usually a light coat of mascara too.

I keep some fat guage silver hoop with ball earrings in all of the time. Depending on what I am wearing , I will throw on some sort of earthy necklace of some sort.

I have to do somthing with my hair because it is like a giant mane and is not quite shoulder length. It is still growing out from when I shaved it last year.I usually throw a scarf on and pin it back with bobby pins ( or toss on a nice touque!)

Other than that I live in my gumboots for the whole rainy season (8 or nine months of the year!) ... nobody cares here if you are stylish. Pretty much you stand out comedically if you ARE stylish!
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If it's an at home day....nothing.

If I'm going out for anything,
dusting of mineral powder
a light pencil of liner under lower lashes

Always my nose ring(stud)
tregus piercing
siver wedding band
my mothers wedding band on right hand
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I actually thought this was a joke when I read the title!!!

My baby's not even born yet, I'm currently a SAHMOAF (stay-at-home-mommy-of-a-fetus) and I only wear make-up if we are going to a party or other "event". Most days my jewelry is my wedding band, I add my engagement ring any time I put on make-up (this adds up to once a week at the absolute most).

I should add that until very recently, I refused to let ANYONE (but DH) see me without full makeup. I had some serious self-esteem issues due to teenage acne and from age 14-25 or so I literally would wake up early to shower and put on make-up even on Christmas morning at my parent's house!

I actually think of my current slacking in the "do myself up" category as a huge accomplishment!!!
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Tee shirt, bra-less, jeans or sweats (shorts when warm out), socks. No makeup and with my glasses on.
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I try to get mascara on. If I'm really feeling into it I'll put some tinted lipgloss on.

I leave my earrings in all the time-just studs. I don't wear my eng/wedding ring all the time even though I want to because I have bent it before. If I am leaving the house I only remember to put it on about 50% of the time!
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