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No makeup, though I have started putting on some moisturizer for the first time in my life (my skin is shifting over from all-oily to some-dry-parts), and in the summer I put on sunscreen.

No jewelry, not even a wedding ring. I have some sensory issues, and having metal against my skin drives me crazy. Plus..it's just not me.

I do shower every day. And if I feel like a little lift I'll put some nice smelling body butter on, or dust myself with some LUSH powder. But even my hair care is just comb and air dry.

I don't feel bad about it, becuase this has always been what I've done, soooo...it's not like being a mom has increased my frumpiness or anything.
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Originally Posted by Village Mama View Post
nobody cares here if you are stylish. Pretty much you stand out comedically if you ARE stylish!
I wonder how much this has to do with everyone's "standards." I've always tended toward skirts, even as a child, but I've lived in places where any time I wore a skirt everyone would ask, "Oh, look at you! Where are you going dressed up so fancy?"

But where I currently live (Orange County, CA), there is definitely an emphasis on image/style within the general community. You go to the grocery store and all the women have full makeup, blown-out hair, trendy clothes, expensive purses, etc. So even my best efforts at looking good fall short compared to most other women in my area.

When I first moved here, I felt really inadequate when I saw how everyone else looked, but I've since realized that there's no reason to compare myself to other women, and I've gone back to wearing what I'm comfortable in (which now is jeans -- I don't know what happened to my skirt-loving self!) and doing the minimal hair/makeup routine that fits into my schedule, and if I look like I don't belong, oh well.
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For me, it depends if I'm leaving the house or not. If I'm staying home all day, I don't wear any makeup except maybe some powder. But if I'm going out, I might do the whole she-bang...foundation, mascara, blush, and lipgloss. My jewelry is always the same... wedding ring and stud earrings.
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Every day?
I wear my wedding ring and engagement ring - no other jewellry and no makeup. I used to wear earrings every day, but I got tired of having them pulled on.

I gave up makeup, except for special occasions, about five or six years ago - before I became a SAHM.
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Usually no makeup (except chapstick, if that counts...) If I've got so much shine I can practically see my reflection in my nose , I'll do powder. I'm thinking I could use something to conceal the undereye circles too...

No jewelry generally (I have an unofficial wedding ring, which I wear once in a blue moon. Dh knows I'm just not a jewelry person, so thankfully he is not offended by this).
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I've really never worn makeup. I can;t imagine wearing it daily - I have trouble brushing and blow drying my hair daily : I do shower and put on "real" clothes every day before coming downstairs.

Jewelry: I can only seem to fit 2 of my 3 rings post-preg so I wear engagement - sapphire and wedding band. I miss the anniversary band my dad gave my mom. I wore the 3 stacked. My mom's bands were the exact same size as mine.

Earrings - some simple silver ones... I tend to get stuck on one pair and wear them for weeks on end.

Necklace - lately I make a point of wearing a necklace to keep DD's attention while nursing. Otherwise she rubs her eyes, pulls the other side of my shirt down (especially while NIP), puts her fingers in my mouth, graps my nose, scratches my chest, ...

This is pretty much how I was pre-baby. I just don't wear work clothes anymore.
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no makeup,wedding ring and diamond ring on right ring finger also
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Makeup? Jewelry? Everyday? People actually do that?
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I have never worn makeup except to my bf's prom, my sisters' weddings (they wanted me to, and I had someone apply it. I didn't buy any)

so no makeup

I brush my teeth and comb my hair.
I shower/bathe and wear deodorant.
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Every day? E-ring/wedding band, watch, and diamond studs in my ears. I typically don't wear make-up, but I always wear moisturizer and at least SPF 15 on my face.
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Monday thru Friday makeup:
concealing powder
foundation powder
finishing powder

M-F jewelry:
2 rings

no makeup
1 ring
sometimes earrings (if I remember)
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Every single day:

Eyeshadow (in a neutral beige color)
Undereye concealer
Mineral powder (I LOVE this stuff!)
Little bit of blush
Eyebrow pencil

The only jewelry I wear is my engagement and wedding rings. Maybe a necklace when I go out. I never wear earrings anymore.
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I've recently noticed that...um...some makeup might improve my image. 2+ yrs of insufficient sleep and an upcoming 40th b'day are telling their toll!

So my new purcahses in makeup include (and this is starting from nada)

mascara (Dr. Hauschka)
eyesadow (2 light colors)
eye liner in black and brown (brown eyes)
a nice powder that is very portable and easy to apply (comes w/a big brush applicator) and spf 15

So I don't get to it every day, but on days I have meetings or whatever, I try to get that stuff on there. Usually in the car. Hopefully not while driving.
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Makeup: Everyday? Really? Maybe on a date night, but that's about it!

Jewelry: Well, usually my wedding ring (but not right now, being pg has me slightly bloated and my ring is uncomfortable). Sometimes a hemp necklace that DH made--depending on my shirt. Always my nose ring--never take it out!
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I almost never wear make-up. I might put it on once or twice a year, but that's about it. Even then, I usually wash it off right away, because I'm so not good at applying it

I love jewelry though.: I always wear my rings (including toe ring) earings, and nose ring. My jewelry taste, though, is fairly simple I think..... mostly amber and turquise.
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I have to ask--- What's mineral powder? Several people mention it, and I've never heard of it.
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I shower right after breakfast and then put on clothes that I wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen in.

Make-up: foundation, neutral eyeshadow, bronzing beads for some color

Jewelry: wedding rings (when I'm not pregnant and puffy!) and maybe some stud earrings.
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11 earrings
chai necklace
if we go out in public lipstick
if wego to a party add liner mascara
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I use my bare minerals everyday so ..
mineral veil

no jewerly well sometimes my wedding ring

I hope I can post this but this is in response to motheringme this is the brand of minerals I use
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on & off each day:
wedding ring
sometimes supplemental ring (simple with tiny saphires)

24/7: earrings, tiny, dangly saphires ds helped me choose with $ from my grandma.

no make-up, no hair product, just moisturizer or sunscreen.

once upon a time I had a diamond from my dh (engagement ring), but there was this day that involved kayaking, car wash, laundry mat etc. and then the ring was no more. Needless to say... he won't be getting me jewelry again for another 10 or 20 years!
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