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i wish i had advice, or suggestions......

all i have is HUGS

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Well... taking your name OFF the list might be a good way to get a positive


Will you add me to success stories? I realize I had a success story in September, but we lost our May babe... praying this one stays put!

Praying for each of you.
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: :

STICK BABY -- you hear me -- STICK

how many days past O are you?

how many cycle of TTC?

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Thanks, Aimee.

Well, we lost a babe in September, so we tried Oct, Nov, Dec and Jan... so four cycles.

I'm 11DPO today, I ovulated on CD20 (the same thing happened with our 22mo son).

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Can I add you as a success story or would you rather stay off?

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maureen- i guess i'd hope for a nice long lp even though you oed late. maybe this cycle you will o earlier AND have a good lp, a REALLY long one!
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Yeah, like 9 months long Who knows? I am so sick of trying to read into this. I told my husband I wish there were a little chip that could be implanted that monitored your hormonal activity, temps, etc. so you always know what's going on. Yes, I am insane! :

Yay Zak!!!!! Fantastic news!!!!
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Angela, CONGRATS to you!!!

Just thinking, once we got DH's condition diagnosed it took 3 months to get our BFP with meds, this is month 3 TTC (charting, and taking meds)
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Thanks all, yes, Sarah, please do add me to the success stories area.

Here's to a whole bunch more positives for you ladies!!
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Angela, how exciting. Congrats. Here is to a sticky baby. Maybe I will see you in the ddc. One can always hope
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Ok i don't know whats going on I got AF last month Jan 5th then no ovulation Now I still haven't got another AF What in the world is going on ERRRRR Any advice. I go to the doc on FRI but I just want to have AF come and ovulate so that I can be normal and TTC whith not having to stop BF ERRRR
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how long have your PP AFs been back

they can start and stop for a while, and take a while to "get normal" (or around here -- anywehre close to normal)..............for example the frist 6 month (5 months?) I had AF back she came every two weeks -- like clock work. My little sister had her every 3 months 3 times before things got back on track............

: if you don't have a set of parents right now anyway -- maybe it is a good time to just let your body "get back on track" with out worrying tooooo much??????? and without jumping to wean just yet? :
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Good Luck everyone!!!

Congrats Angela!!! Praying you have a sticky bean this time!

Well I have a mix today of ferns and dots so I suppose I had my LH surge yesterday so I should have oed today so we'll see although it isn't a big deal right now I just like to see that I am Oing
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Congrats Angela!! That's so wonderful. It's been a tough day and your news made me smile.
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Hi everyone.....I am new to this board....we have been TTC for 3 months this is our 4th month. I have one ds who is almost 20 months old and still nurses quite a bit. I know I am ovulating and last month I am pretty sure I had a chemical pregnancy....so I know my body can do it!!

I am not charting this month but I know I o'ed on the 5th so tomorrow I will be 10dpo tomorrow. Not feeling pregnant really and not very positive for the month, but I am still hoping!! Hoping to wait until Sunday to test since AF will technically be due Monday....if I have no signs of AF coming.....

I hope this will make my TTC journey a bit more bearable....I just never thought it would this crazy lol.
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Hi All,

Thanks for the welcome everyone!

Angela - Congrats!!! sending lots of sticky vibes your way!!

sarahn4639 - waiting to catch the first egg is great, thanks. I have been trying to chart, but with ds2 in the bed I never remember to temp. I have had signs of my body gearing up to O, but I don't think it has actually reached that stage yet.
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Can someone please tell me what a chemical pregnancy is?

Mommy2Jackson: Our ds's are about the same age. Good luck to you.

Zak: congrats!
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Sure a chemical pregnancy is basically like a very early miscarriage, it's pretty common, and most who have one don't even know they have had one. Most people who know are those TTC who test early and get a positive and then one day don't and end up having a miscarriage....I had a little bit of heavier period and it was a couple days late besides getting to BFP then the next day nothing.....hope that helps explain it a little bit.

Our kiddos are close in age.....I think my ds is ready for a brother or sister, he needs someone besides Mommy to play with!! Good luck to you!!
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I had a what I think was a chemical pg while ttc #2, about a week after getting a bfp. Am not looking forward to going on the ttc roller coaster ride again.
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Thanks for all the well wishes and congrats! It's been nice to be a part of this tribe. Praying for each of you to be blessed with a baby again.
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