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Postpartum Doula - Fees

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What do you charge (or did you pay) & what services do you provide?

I'm just starting my PP work & looking for any info I can get on fees, forms, etc.

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I don't really know what the going rate is, but my friend did postpartum work and charged $30 an hour. We live in an area where the cost of living is high, so that is probably not the average. I am a birth doula and think I'll do postpartum work when the kids are older, and was thinking $15-20 an hour?

Are you getting certified? I'd like to hear about your experiences!
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Are you getting certified?
Yes, but just as a birth doula for now. I'm certifying through DONA so as soon as they have the PP trainings in my area, I'll get certified. I'm wondering if I shouldn't just go ahead and get the certification packet now....maybe then I wouldn't feel so lost. LOL
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Mine charged $20 an hour, but I didn't hire her for post partum work because I couldn't afford that. But I know she got a fair number of jobs at that rate. This was in the So CA area.
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$25/hr when i started, $30 after that. Going rate where I live.
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What services do you provide specifically?
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My intention is to provide whatever help a new mama needs in order to be free to focus all of her energy & attention on bonding & getting bf going. This includes any household chores except cleaning up after pets, running errands, running interference with family/visitors, driving her to appointments & holding the babe during them... I try to be as flexible as possible.

Did you have something specific in mind?
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