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101 Things with Toilet Paper Tubes

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Tape 2 together to make binoculars
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Fill with beans and seal each end with tape - decorate for noise makers

Mix plaster of paris, powdered tempra & a bit of water to make chalk. pour into roll to mold. Let dry. Leave roll on as a wrapper and peel as needed.
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Tape a bunch together so that the outcome is about the size of your t.v. screen. Attach this to the screen, turn on the t.v. (sound off). It creates a neat kaleidascope effect.
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Some of these ideas use longer tubes, like paper towel ones...hope that's ok!
17 ideas...

Use them to be the turrets of castles.
Decorate, fill with rocks, seal both ends, and use it as a paperweight.
Decorate them like people (they will look kinda like nutcrackers, yk?)
Attach different lengths of string with little bells on the end, and hang like a wind chime.
String 3-5 together horizontally like a Choo-Choo train.
Bend a wire hanger into a circle, leaving the hook part intact. Attach the tubes all around, making a wreath.
Decorate like planes and rocket ships.
Build a log cabin.
Cut into 1.5-2 inch segments for napkin rings.
String two together with yarn about 10 feet long, and make a telephone.
Gather 10 tues, fill with rice half way, seal both ends and use for bowling pins.
Arrange 3-4 tubes of different heights on a foam tray (like one used to package ground beef) and make a desk organizer for pens, paper clips, ect.
Use one as the top to a mobile, attach 3 peices of yarn onto the side and attach little pictures to the end of the yarn.
Use one for the staff of a flag.
Fill one with little treats and wrap the whole thing up in shiney paper, like those traditional (Hawaiin?) Christmas gifts.
Make one a vase for fake flowers.
Paint one black, and use it for the body of a butterfly. THe wings can be made of paper plates.
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affix string to one and then slide more (as many as you want) down the string and secure the other end of the string to the last one. decorate to look like a snake or dragon (chinese new year!). you could leave some of the string sticking out for the tongue of the beast.
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Take a length of string. measure the length of the tube and double the length (add a little more to the length for a little give) . put the string through the tube. attatch something like a bell or small animal, anything that will fit through the tube, to the string. knot the ends of string together. this will create a hiding spot, so that when you pull on the string the object will appear.

great for young children interested in playing peek a boo
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make a cut lengthways and place over wooden rainway track. Our trains just fit through.

Stuff with newspaper, tape ends closed and use as building blocks, add other empty cardboard boxes too.

Cut strips of paper and fold concertena style. Tape on end of a tube closed, fill with the folded paper strips and add a couple of tablespoons of rice. Clother the other end and you have a rain stick. Works best with a long tube or a couple taped together.

Use for printing. A small amount of paint on a cloth makes a good ink pad.
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Tape four rolls together, and seal the bottom, with plastic wrap or tinfoil. Seal the top and cut a slit in the middle of the to seal. Then write Penny on one roll Nickel on another Dime on another and Quarter on the fourth one. Than you dc can save their money and separate their coins. You can do this with 5 rolls if you want to have one for dollar bills.
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hi there! not sure if this idea has been posted or not, but thought i'd offer it up anyway! how about flattening the tube, then cutting really thin (think 1/4-1/8") strips of the tube, so that you're left with "petal" looking pieces. then arrange them on wax paper to make shapes like flowers, snowflakes, etc. Glue them together with white glue. you can paint them too, to make them the colors you want! they make great ornaments or window decorations!
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It's not a craft, but you could feed give them to the hamster, gerbil, mouse, rat...to play with. My ds loved watching them mess with it.
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Use them as a candle mold.
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wind socks

tape a few together to desired length and then paint or cover with paper add ribon or strips of paper to make a wind sock!
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What number are we at?!?! My kids make "shakers" out of them. Cover one end...fill with rocks, beans etc and cover the other end. They colour/decorate them and use them as moroccas.
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When I was little, I saved up TP tubes for ages. I had a few hundred.

I painted them and made them into this huge elaborate castle with turrets and a drawbridge...So cool. I played with that thing for a couple years. When it finally lost its allure, we had a big fire in the back yard and we torched it.

Quite the project!
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My dd uses them to make her art stand up on it's own. She draws a picture then tapes 1 or 2 tubes on the back (even with the bottom) to make it stand up.
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well I saw somewhere a way to turn them into flowers. You cut slits at one end and paint, I can't remember the rest, I have been saving them now to make but of course I can't remember the site I saw the craft, I'll keep looking and post back when I find it!

Editing to say I found it I actually pulled it from a magazine. You can find it here I think they are really cute!
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