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Do you, personally, enjoy cosleeping? - Page 7

Poll Results: Do you enjoy cosleeping?

  • 43% (238)
    I love it! I'll be sad when they leave.
  • 32% (176)
    I like it, even if sometimes it's a little uncomfortable.
  • 10% (57)
    I don't mind it since it makes my kids happy, but it's not great for my sleep needs.
  • 5% (31)
    I don't like it, but I put up with it for my kids' sake.
  • 3% (18)
    We don't cosleep.
  • 3% (21)
541 Total Votes  
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I genuinely enjoy cosleeping and look forward to bedtime. We usually snuggle in bed for a couple of hours before we drop off to sleep. We read books, watch movies, play on the computer, talk and just cuddle.

As we're winding down our day I'll say 'hey, do you want to snuggle tonight?' And she'll say 'yes!'

She's starting to talk about sleeping in her own bed - sees it as a sign that she's becoming a 'big girl'. But I'm sure going to miss her when that day comes :
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I loved it when Ireland was little. She was nearly a year when I decided to try out the crib I can't get her to sleep in bed with me now, most nights she sits up and plays or she kicks and whines all night if I try to cosleep with her. She loves having her own bed but I definately miss the snuggling. I picked other.
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LOVE it... I was so so so sad when my dd asked for her own bedroom (and my DS cried all night for his sister so we let him sleep with her), I think I cried every night for 3 weeks.

I think if this baby asks for their own room at 3 1/2 I'm telling them no!
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My dd is 3 months old - we weren't planning on co-sleeping but it seems to be how she sleeps best - problem is - I don't.
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Originally Posted by kidspiration View Post
personally...i LOVE cosleeping. i enjoy it more than i ever anticipated. luckily dh is fully on board to and he is a happy cosleeping daddy as well. we love waking up to her adorable smiling face, and sometimes if we both happen to wake up at the same time in the middle of the night, we love to peer at dd's little sleepy face and marvel over her beauty.

honestly, in the past few weeks dd has been a bit feisty when nursing down to sleep, she is just so full of joy and wanting to explore but it gets to be a bit of a wrestling match...so sometimes that's not so fun for me and my poor nipples that get pulled around as she demonstrates her downward dog and karate kicks while still latched on... but i love it still...
I believe I have the male counterpart to your DD! And YES!!! We love co-sleeping!
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I voted I love it/sad when she leaves.

I was sad when she left, and when DH is traveling I still like that she wants to sleep with me. That said, after I got over the initial shock of her wanting to be in her own bed, it was nice to have all the room back in the bed for me and DH and it was nice to get the privacy back. ALTHOUGH, I did not miss all that while she was co-sleeping. Make sense?
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I started liking it a lot more when he stopped waking up every 3 hours to nurse . Now it is very cozy, except for when he wakes up at 6:30 am and wants to play RIGHT NOW...
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