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Originally Posted by Jilian View Post
With my first pregnancy I didn't have a clue, but this time around it is easier for me to tell. I've suspected he was head down for a few weeks now because I could feel smaller limb movements closer to my pubic bone (hands and arms) and larger kicks closer to my belly button (feet). I also get the occasional SLAM into my pubic bone (head). Your baby has to be moving quite a bit before you can start distinguising which body part you are feeling. Just pay close attention to where the big movements are and where the small movements are.

You can also palpitate your uterus, but that doesn't work as well until the baby is a little bigger. The head has more bounce to it because it is only connected by the neck. The back feels flat and doesn't have much bounce at all. The feet will usually kick you back when you poke them

Or you could always take the easy way out and have your MW check. My MW checks anyway and she confirmed he was head down at my appointment yesterday. But don't worry if your baby is not head down yet, there is still plenty of time and plenty of room for him/her to move around.


My little one doesn't change positions much. The kicks are MUCH stronger than the punches and are very responsive to the "I poke you, you kick me" game . Also, I feel a lot more "rolling and bumping" down in the pelvic region rather than powerful jabs, but when the jabs do come they always land on my cervix:
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I'm sooooo glad I posted about the cervix feelings!!! lol Maybe I did feel it with #1 but I never noticed it really...maybe I felt it but didn't realize it was the baby. How funny! and Neve you are soooo right about ignorance is bliss! lol... I probably would not have given the low, internal feelings a second thought had it not been for not feeling them in my first pregnancy!

Any one do anything for Valentines day?
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After reading your guys posts I would have to guess that the baby is head up then, because I feel most movement, the stronger kicks, on my cervix rather than near my belly button etc. But now I'll pay more attention and try the poke & kick game too! Thanks guys! And to WhiteWax--I'm glad you posted too! Isn't it funny how many little things there are to take note of...
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For V-Day I pulled on coat and boots and gloves and grabbed a shovel...I shoveled the sidewalk and road access 12 times. DH did it twice after he got home (and I did it again this morning). We got about three feet of snow yesterday but with the blowing it was a lot more in spots! And it's hovering in the negative numbers.

I did get a very yummy backrub for my efforts however...and DH made waffles with chocolate sauce and strawberry jam (everything was homemade...waffles, jam, and chocolate sauce...since withe the storm we couldn't have gotten out anyway, the city streets were closed and for some reason they don'tthink a chocolate run for a pregnant mama is an "emegency". Bah humbug!)

It was fun
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I went to my chiropractor today, I recomend this to anyone who is complaining of hip pain or sciatic pain, etc... She helped me a little, but my issue is so big that I have to go back on Monday, and probobly really soon after that again too. Get those aches and pains looked at as they are not always "just pregnancy stuff". Just wanted to share.
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the only baby part i could consistently identify at the end of my last pregnancy was the butt. it would stick out either on the right side or the left side.

but i felt the butt distinctly this morning right in the middle! (big hard protrusion that doesn't give.) i don't think my boy is staying in any one position yet. the kicks are all over the place and that was the first time the butt was sticking out and up that i've noticed.

so fun
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I'm jealous, I am completely clueless on the position of my little babe. I wish I had a window and could see everything going on. All I know is that I am consistantly "kicked" on one side only, so it doesn't seem like this baby likes to move around too much, I don't know...
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So my cold, which had been improving, got markedly worse over the past three days. Even though my s-i-l and nephew still haven't made it home (airport delays Wednesday, and they couldn't get re-booked until SATURDAY!), I just had to leave them home go to a million (okay, 3) doctor appointments yesterday.

First we had to scrape about 1-2" of ice off of the front steps (8 of them) and the car. God bless my s-i-l who helped a lot, what with me being pregnant and sick! I literally couldn't force 4 of my 5 doors open (iced shut), and I am too ungainly to crawl through from the rear hatch of my wagon like I would when not with child. She also helped me get DS down the stairs safely--too icy to carry him, too icy to let him walk by himself. Luckily, we are only a few houses off of a state highway, and major roads were 100% clear by the time we left the house at 8:30 am.

I took DS to the new family practitioner my friend had recommended. I loved it there! He's an MD and also a homeopath, and, though we haven't met him yet, his Physician's Assistant is fabulous. Instead of doing the talking part of your exam on the exam table, she has an office off of her exam room with a couch and some toys so you can sit comfortably while you discuss what's going on. It was really great.

Then I was supposed to drop DS off at my m-i-l's house for a visit while I went to see my new doctor. I'd asked DH, and he thought it would be fine, but I am a little angry that my m-i-l didn't look out the window to tell me that their (HILLY!) neighborhood still had completely icy streets. I got stuck when I couldn't make it up a hill, but didn't see a pile of ice/snow behind me, so I couldn't get traction for up, and I couldn't get through the 3 foot heap of ice to go down. I was hysterical and screaming at DH on my cell phone for suggesting his old street would be passable. Luckily, a passing mechanic stopped and helped rock my car into a more angled position, then he used his SUV to shove my little wagon out of the snowpile so I could head back down to the safe (major and FLAT) roads below.

So I took DS with me to the doctor. Oh well. He was pretty well behaved. MY new doctor is not nearly as wonderful as DS's new doctor, but has the benefit of being in a large group that operates a walk-in urgent care center about 4 blocks from my house. I've realized lately that, when I'm sick, I am just too worn out to get myself to the doctor. I can travel 20 minutes to take DS, but I'll never do it for myself. I also feel like it is easier to refuse unwanted treatments for myself, so I'm not quite as worried as I would be about a "mainstream" or "traditional" doctor for my children. And, I'm happy to say that the doctor at this mainstream practice yesterday told me she thinks I could have a sinus infection, but it might just be a second cold developed on the tails of the first, and, while she prescribed an antibiotic, she recommended that I wait several days before filling it to see if it was really a bacterial situation. When I told her I was going to try acupuncture later that day, she thought that was a great idea. While this practice felt very medical and not wonderful/peaceful/nurturing like the new doctor for DS, I can't even imagine greater convenience and I found the care adequate.

I drove DS home just in time to catch a call from my acupuncturist who could see me an hour later. I ate lunch and ran to the acupuncturists office. I'VE NEVER FELT PAIN IN SO MANY POINTS AS I DID YESTERDAY! Whew! Normally, the needles make a slight prick going in and then I don't even feel them. I guess it is a good sign that they hurt--she said it meant we'd got the right spots. Still, OUCH. However uncomfortable that was (and still better than the discomfort of this unending cold), this morning (gross TMI ahead!) the most amazingly disgusting stuff has finally started to exit my head. There was something the size of a RAISIN in my right side sinuses that came out today. It was like something from a sci fi movie. So the acupuncture is WORKING. Green stuff is leaving my sinuses. I slept longer and better and was able to breathe through my nose most of the night. I could even smell a little bit this morning. God bless her.

Oh, and baby Glooby gave a kick after each needle was inserted. I thought the first couple were coincidence, but s/he totally responded to each needle, then got peaceful during the sit-there-and-relax stage of the process.

Today I will fight whatever urges I have to do useful stuff and rest some more. I am DONE BEING SICK. Damn it! Then tomorrow I'm going for a follow up visit to the acupuncturist to have my ears candled. I've always wanted to try it, and it is supposed to suck extra crud out of your head. My ears have been very tender the last 4-5 days, and I certainly don't want to experience an adult ear infection. DH thinks I'm crazy, but he wants to come with me to see the ear candling for himself. (They stick a tube with a small lighted candle in it into your ear. That cuts off the oxygen, snuffs the candle, and a vacuum is formed that gently pulls out the crud.)

Sorry, long story today. Everyone else--stay healthy! I think I want to get some kind of pendant to wear hand sanitizer around my neck.

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willoLevin- I hope you feel better soon! What a saga!

herbmama- with the anterior placenta I haven't a clue how dd is snuggled into my uterus right now. I'm hoping that the spinning babies stuff is working, and that as she gets bigger I'll be able to sort out parts. But so far all I know is I usually feel "something" right above my left hip. But it could be just about any body part as far as I can tell!
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wombat, I have very high suspicions that I have an anterior placenta too! So maybe that is the reason, we are opting out of ultrasounds so I am pretty clueless as to what it looks like in there
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MW appointment update!
my blood pressure miraculously made it to 92 systolic (usually below 90 , and hematocrit/blood sugars were fine. I had posted earlier in the week about not wanting to do the glucose screen... well I didn't drink the drink, but she did, for legal/licensing reasons, at least need to have some evidence that I had been tested regardless of the outcome. anyway I tested after a very light lunch and it was fine.
I was following your advice on guessing baby positions - turns out I was right, head is down. hope it stays there!
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