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My husband is missing

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I didn't know where to post this so I hope it's okay.

My dh works nights and on friday nights he can work as late as 2am. However, I talked to him at 11pm and he estimated being through in about an hour or so. He never came home. I've tried calling him but his phone is dead (it was dead before he went to work but I thought maybe he charged it).

Her has never done anything like this before, nor is he the type to. He doesn't have "buddies" that he hangs out with. The most that he does is play poker with the neighbors (which he hasn't done in forever) or have a drink at the tavern after work. He *always* finds a phone to call me from, even if he is doing said activites. We didn't have a fight, everything was fine when I talked to him. Oh, and he's not cheating. He is SO serious about that kind of stuff, that's not even a thought in my mind.

The kids are asking where he is, and I said he must have had to work a really long time. But my dd knows something is up because he *never* works in the mornings. I am so scared. I'm scared something terrible has happened to him. I'm about to start calling hospitals, and jail (just in case?). His work is closed until noon. I'm thinking about driving up there to see if his car is there.

I just really needed to get this out as I have nobody I can really talk to. :
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Oh how scary, I'd be frantic.
I hope you find him soon and that he is safe and well.
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Oh my- that is so scary! Maybe its time to call the police? Have you called his work? Is there anyone there who can check around for you? Can you drive out to his work, or follow is usually path home from work? What about calling his cellphone comapy to see if they can locate him? (maybe a long shot here)
I am soo sorry mama!

Praying for a safe return home.
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oh my goodness - will the police do anything this early (do they really wait 24hours before helping - that's what I've always heard). Can you call his job? drive over (or get someone to drive over) and see if they can find out what's going on?
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OMG!!! That is terrifying! I hope you get word soon.
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I hope everything is OK and that your husband comes home soon.

Can't you call the police station? Maybe they can help?
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OMG. I saw this in New Posts. I'm in Texas too. Dh and I do think you should call the police. I am going to be checking on this thread throughout the day. Please, Kim, let us know what you find out. Also, go ahead and call the hospitals and jail, too. I know you are really scared. Try to stay calm for your babies. Oh, mama. I am so sorry you are going through this!
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Okay, he's not at two of the hospitals, but the third I can't reach because it's long distance (it's the one closest to his work though). The office he works at is closed till noon, no one is answering.

I don't know about the cell phone, because it's dead so I don't think they can track it.

The police said at least 24 hours he has to be missing. So I am going to drive by his work as soon as I get everyone loaded up.

I can't find the # to the jail. But I don't know why he'd be there, he's up to date on all his car stuff, I just don't know where else to turn.

I feel so sick, I can't eat. The baby was up all night too. This just sucks.
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This happened to a very close friend also. Call the police immediately. Do whatever you need to do to get them to investigate (say he needs medication, he might hurt himself, whatever -- they might not want to do anything for 48 hours or they might assume he is cheating or drunk, they did with my friend). Get an APB put out on his car if he was driving. Also, if you know where he was last night, go there. Call his boss, find out who saw him last.

So many and to you and your kids. I will keep you dh in my thoughts and pray for a safe return soon.
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If you have any local friends or family, you should try to get them to help you now. It is too much to have this and the kids and such all at once.

Also, consider calling the media and trying to get them to put his picture on the news.

Also, I would call the police back and try to get them to take it more seriously.

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Just to ease your mind a little, I would go ahead and call the police and hospitals. They will not file a missing eprsons report yet but can tell you if he has been picked up or taken to the hospital. I had a similar situation a few months ago and I was surprised at how routine the hospital seemed about it. It was like they got a million calls a night about it. They cannot give you any info but they did ask me to tell them the name and verified that no one by that name had been admitted.
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I'm praying for your family and that he returns soon
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OMGosh I hope you have good news soon. I hope it's something silly like a secret Valentine's Day plan. I really hope this turns out alright. :
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Mama, I'd drive down there and see if his car is there. Is it possible that he was really tired and didn't want to drive so he slept in the car?

Sending you guys vibes that he is home safe soon!

Is it possible that a friend called him at work with an emergency or something and he didn't call and tell you cause he thought you and the kids would be sleeping?
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Oh mama, how scary!

Here's hoping he's just dealing with car trouble and got stuck in one of those frustrating-but-safe adventures where he can't get to a phone for a bit. (Having had a few of those myself.)
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You poor thing! I'm also in Texas. I'll be praying for you and your family. I can't imagine how you are feeling. Please keep us posted.
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Arduinna, It is possible I suppose. He's the type that drops everything to help someone...but he'd still call because he'd know the implications of not doing so! I'm going now, I'll update when I get back.

Thank you.
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who would he call if he were callling out sick before work opened up? Maybe you can callthem?
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good luck mama- positive vibes coming your way.
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