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Kim, I'm praying for you and your family. I hope you've at least located a friend or family member to help you today.
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Kimmiepie, I'm sending your husband and you lots of good energy.
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saw in the new posts..

: for your family
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hope you hear from your dh soon, you must so worried
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I can't go! I don't have a carseat...it's in his car! And the best part, my tire's flat! I think I'm breaking down. No, I don't have anyone near me that could help.
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Okay, Mama. Take a couple of slow, deep breaths with me...okay? One thing at a time. PP asked what your dh would do if he was calling in sick before noon. Is there an emergency number? Call it.
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Can you call a neighbor or a friend to go out? Aren't there any bored driving age teenagers in your neighborhood you could ask to go? I hope someone can help you.
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I have a long distance calling card, if that's what is holding you back from your phone calls. PM me and I'll give you the numbers from it so you can use it to make more phone calls.

Saying a prayer that your hubby is okay...
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can you crosspost in "finding your tribe" and see if there is a mama near you who can help?
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Can you call his boss? Anyone he works with? Where in TX are you? Maybe one of us lives close enough to help you?
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I know TX is a big state... are there any MDC members nearby who could drive to your dh's job?

Do you belong to a religious organization? Can you call your clergy-person for practical help? She/he would be able to get a lot further with hospitals, etc.
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Oh mama Hang in there! Your kiddos need you with a cool head. I'm thinking of you and your dh!
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I am so sorry mama Like a pp said, do call the police anyway. If nothing else, give them the car's tag number. They will be able to tell you if there was anything that happened involving the car. I hope you here from him soon!
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I found him! He's in jail!! He got pulled over for driving with a suspended license. Supposedly, the dps says he doesn't have insurance. Which he does. He pays it every month. We just paid it the other day, I put it in the mailbox! So dps suspended his license. (This is not the first problem we've had with this town's police/dps dept, not because we're bad but because the'yre stupid.) So he actually had to get bonded out (I'm pissed that they didn't call me!) and he won't get a court date for 6 weeks and CANT DRIVE until then. His job is driving!! He's a valet. This is not good. Even though when we go to court it's sure to be overturned or whatever, that's still 6 weeks of no income. He's gonna lose his job too I bet. Oh and he can't leave the county without permission either. I'm so overwhelmed right now. It's funny how things can be going smoothly and all of a sudden stupid things happen and mess it up. I'm so relieved that he's okay though. We shall get through this. :

Thank you soooo much for your replies.
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I'm glad you found him. And that he is OK. All the rest of that stuff will work out.

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OH! Thank goodness you've found him!!! I mean, I'm sorry that he's lost his license, that sucks, but it is sooooooooooooo much better than what could have been!!! I'm glad you found him mama.
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I am glad everything is OK. Take good care of yourself and the children.
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I'm so glad that he's safe!!! Hope everything else gets worked out quickly - I would definitely petition to have the court case moved up to as soon as possible, explaining that he *has* to drive for his job. Get all your paperwork ready and hopefully this will be turned over soon. Again, I'm so glad that he is okay!
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if you can prove from the ins co. that he never had a lapse in coverage will they do anything to drop this? That's insane that you were never called!! I'm glad you found him
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Saw all this on new posts.
Kim, I'm so happy you found your dh!!!! He must have been so worried about how worried you were going to be when he didn't come home. As for the current situation: get an attorney. He/she should be able to help you get this straightened out, possibly even before the 6-week court date. I know you probably don't want to spend money on an attorney, but that's better than a lost job, you know? Also, any chance your dh can apply for a temporary leave, so that if he does have to miss work for a little while he will still have his job when he can drive again?

Best of luck to you!
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