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Will I ever need my Bundt pan again?? - Page 2

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mmmm thanks!
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Well, if you haven't used it in 11 years, you can probably let go of it. But I am hanging on to mine. I did not ever use it for at least 5 years, but I have used it three or four times in the last couple of months. And now I HAVE to try that pound cake recipe!

I think I should probably lose the springform pan that I got at a garage sale three years ago and the Flan Pan set I bought over 10 years ago and have not used ever! I was feeling so good about my decluttered kitchen until I read this thread. Back to look through my cupboards again!
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Andrea, thank you so much for the recipes! The savory bread sounds delicious (they all do) I actually think I might be using the pan again, you all have so many good ideas.

Irish, are you going to run it over if I call? You can always stay and have some.

MommytoKandE, I didn't toss the jello mold You caught me. When will I ever use that? I used to love making punches with it Uh oh... the punch bowl

I did get rid of several mismatched dishes, does that redeem me if I keep the pan?
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This is a good reminder to me to go through my kitchen again. I went through after my first was born and did drastic decluttering. I found that I could improvise for most things, and borrow when I couldn't. I always figure if I really really need something, I can always buy one again, especially if I haven't used it in years. The only thing I wouldn't get rid of is something that is irreplacable.

Those recipes sound yummy.


Edited to add: Flminivanmama! I remember you from another site when my first was born and I posted many posts in the breastfeeding help forum. You were so helpful. I send you thanks again as I sit here nursing my 3rd. I am so glad I stuck with it way back then when I was an overwhelmed, unsupported new BF Mama.
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Oh no! not the Jell-O mold too! Boy, I am really realizing that I am holding on to stuff "just in case". I will start over Monday morning going thru each cupboard in my kitchen.

Thanks for starting this thread!
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You're welcome, Mary I made so many molds for punch for my sisters showers that it's kind of like a family heirloom I would freeze little fruits and juice and make the punch with sherbert and gingerale My sister makes jello molds for parties and I never eat them, blech, lol.
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naughty dingo - that is so cool! thank you

mom4tot - no problem! enjoy
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11 years ... yeah, I would get rid of it...

I just let go of one of my quick bread pans. I've had it for seven years and never used it -- out it went! I feel good about it. I have another quick bread pan so why keep two??? It was difficult to get rid of, though, because it was a gift.
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The Bundt Pan is the perfect example of something you never use but feel like you need to keep it.

For me, the bundt pan (which I probably own somewhere in my many packed goods) is something that represents the person I want to be, but am not. I want to be someone who makes wonderful cakes in pretty bundt pans. But I never have. So I keep the bundt pan hoping I will be that person.

Maybe I should say to myself: WHEN I am that person and when I want to bake something in a bundt pan, I give myself liberty to just go right out and buy one, that minute, without worrying about how much money I've wasted by getting rid of the one I had and buying one at the last minute. Because its probably a very small price to pay for the freedom of not keeping all the "Bundt Pans" in my life. There are so many things I keep because I hope I will be the type of person that will use them. I might be that person for one or two of the items, and yes I'll go buy another one, but considering how much I'll gain by not being weighed down by the others. I need to give myself the freedom to let go of the rest.

I also think all the "Bundt Pan"s weigh us down mentally. Every time I see it I am reminded that I am not the type of person who cooks bundt cakes, though I want to be. It's almost like a criticism in physical form. I need to let go of that, I do not want to be reminded that I am not the person I think I want to be on a regular basis and be free to be who I am.
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I use my bundt pan whenever it snows....it lives in the garage now though, not in the kitchen. I use it as a snow mold and stack 2 or 3 on top of each other with a pilar candle in the center for really cool winter sidewalk lanterns. Will I ever make a cake with one...probably no.
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Wow, mightymoo! That was insightful. Great food for thought.

Many of my kitchen extras are the result of going to Pampered Chef or other parties and imagining me being that wonderful hostess and my guests oohing and ahhing over my wonderful creations. That is not who I am! I do want to be free from that pressure to be someone I am not.

Fyrestorm, Neat idea for the sidewalk lanterns.

Mom4Tot, I love punch with sherbet and gingerale! and I did think about using it for a punch mold. My DH's aunt has a punch bowl and I borrow it for my kiddos birthday parties as they love to have punch for their birthday lunches. I though about getting a punch bowl, but realized why should I when I can borrow one without too much trouble?
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What would Mrs. Dalquist do??

(Keep it for a while and plan to use it more often.)
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Originally Posted by Baby Makes 4 View Post
I use my bunt pan all the time. I make one giant loaf of banana or zucchini bread in there instead of two smaller rectangle loaves.
what a good idea! and freeze part or give it away!

I don't like using my bundt pan because it is one of the only baking pans I have that I haven't replaced with a non non-stick coated pan.
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mightymoo, I really like your perspective. I had a feeling you would find me out The bundt pan for me also reminds me of a time when I did make pretty cakes and was striving hard to be a wonderful wife and homemaker (as I saw it in a previous relationship). It feels good to acknowledge that now, accepting that for what it was and moving on. I can keep the pan if I want to, but still let go of the past associations with it.

Thanks for your input everyone
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Originally Posted by Mom4tot View Post
What useless kitchen stuff have you had trouble decluttering??
We have 4 or 5 melon ballers.
And 4 blenders, in various stages of working or not-working.
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belladonna. I believe I hve a melon baller too. What's with so many belnders?

I thought of another thing taking up space, our skewers.
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