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my little girl has arrived

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wow I can't believe it all happened!

I had a bloody show on Wed morning - which I posted about in my last post and then that night my hindwaters broke at 11pm. I laboured with strong contractions (every 4 mins for 45 secs, then up to a minute) until 4 am when I decided to get in the pool. I got in the pool and everything stopped - completely! so I got out and had a sleep for a couple of hours. Contractions hotted up again at 930am and I got in the pool again at 10. Needless to say I was a little uncertain about getting back in the pool but this time I didn't get in until it was hard to stand up. Contractions lasted about 90 secs but I was getting nice rest in between - about 3-4 mins. It only took a couple of contractions toward the end and she was OUT! all 9lbs 2oz of her!

I had all backpain labour and I used accupressure points and heat in the birthpool in combination with my breathing methods from hypnobirthing. The backpain was pretty challenging at times but all these things definately made a difference. I can't believe how quickly she came at the end - the bearing down feeling is so incredible and using the breathing really really helped.

All in all it was a wonderful experience to birth at home with our midwife and a small number of support people.

This birth has been so different to my first in hospital which was so medicalised. I know that if I had been in hospital its likely I would have been induced because my labour "stopped". If not induced there would have been pressure to keep things moving like there was last time. What I have learnt is that my body obviously knew what it was doing and we all agreed in hindsight the rest was a nice break which helped us through the next morning when the contractions heated up.

The hynobirthing techniques also helped me. I did not do the course (timing was the problem) but bought the tapes. I focused on the birth rehersal and affirmations and did them consistently for at least 3 months. I played the affirmations during labour also - I'm not sure why but I needed to listen to those affirmations - it was somehow reassuring to have it in the bakcground (I think it sent my support people a little nuts that it was on repeat for three hours ). I must say though, and this is funny in hindsight, that I thought that maybe my birth would be "painfree" - it was not - but the hypnobirthing helped me stay in the zone and my support people said I looked like I was on another planet and very calm.... eventhough it didn't always feel like that.

Since the birth, breastfeeding has been going well and we are all reasting and getting know each other. I"m enjoying sleeping on my stomach again!!!!
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How cool is that! Congratulations! I'm glad everything went so well, even though it was painful. Yours is an encouraging story, as my little one drops steadily now and might or might not make it until my EDD of 3/3!
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Congratulations!!! What a wonderful birth story, and it sounds like you are really enjoying your new baby... I am really glad things went so well! It sounds like a lovely experience overall! Enjoy your babymoon!
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Congratulations on your beautiful birth! I can relate with what you said about the hypnobirthing. I've used the techniques with my last 3 births. I took the classes with my 5th baby and then just brushed up and used the techniques with my 6th & 7th. I, too, remember thinking maybe I could experience a pain free labor and birth, but in no way could I describe any of them pain free, ha! Still, like you, I was able to remain extremely calm up to the very end by getting in that "zone". Enough so, that I usually fool the mws into thinking I still have a ways to go when in fact I'm in transition. It hurts like crazy, but I guess I appear so relaxed and calm that no one suspects the end is so close. Hypnobirthing is great!

Oh, and my 12 day old baby girl weighed the same at birth, 9-2. Enjoy your brand new daughter!
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Congrats Mama! Great news-especially for a baby that size!
I had a very similar experience with Hypnobaby birth. Pain, yes, but not awful, calm yes.
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On a healthy little girl:
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Congratulations! YAY!
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Congratulations on your beautiful birth
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Congratulations!! When you get a chance post your baby's stats under the announcements sticky so I can add you to the list!
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What a fantastic birth story & congratulations!!! Enjoy your babymoon
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Great story! Congratulations!
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Welcome to the world, little one!!!
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Congrats on a great homebirth!
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Congratulations. I was just thinking about you and found you did it!! :

Best wishes for your baby moon.

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thanks for the kind words everyone.

I've had a nice time getting used to being a parent of two! I must say I pretty tired at the moment - I feel a little like I've had the wind knocked out of me. I'm working on resting more and getting lots of protein.

Unfortunately I've had a REALLY bad case of hemroids and they are just settling down now. The roids were seriously worse than labour pain - just horrible.

thanks again everyone. It's been wonderful to read all the other birth stories - wow theres loits of us! I'd like to read more and contribute more but sitting aint to comfy at the moment!
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