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I guess I swayed OT on this one too - sorry!

I'll respond to NM quickly though. You have so many valid points. I do understand where you're coming from and respect you for it.

I just have very little trust in our government at this time. Especially Bush. Again this is my personal opinion and I do respect opposing opinions.

Back to the Hitler/Bush analogy. I do think we're afraid to humanize Hitler. It's easier to say he was some evil being sent from hell then to admit he was a human.

As for Bush though, I just don't see the comparison. I see him as more a follower than a leader.
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I think one could compare in some (not all) ways, the present administration to the Third Reich (the Bush=Hitler comparison has too many flaws) - because of the nationalism, the extremism - the manipulation - the fear . . . and I don't think we got off topic so much with the Orange alert because fear is one of the major manipulative tools used by the Nazis. What DO the people think they can do MORE while on ORANGE ALERT? I mean, they are, I'm sure, already watching all the time. And if something DID happen, do you really think the average Josephine is going to say, "Gee, if only the government had told me - I would have stopped him!!" Super Ami!
Amy - I don't think anyone could ever put a nice rep on Hitler - he was an evil evil person - but don't you think that knowing the causes would help spot and prevent future catastrophies? He was an abused poor victim of a sick social system - which is why so many could relate to him - and why the social structure had to change after the War so such poisons wouldn't be poured into future generations of German souls. Having this built up hatred for a blurry image of a soul does nothing in helping one to get over the effects of the abuse or prevention. Seeing the whole of an abusive person as best one can gives power to the abused. This is not to be seen as any kind of attack on your post, I'm just going off on this a bit perhaps more to sort out my own thoughts.
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I have never felt that the Bush/Hitler comparison was one of a personal level, I always saw it on a regime level. Bush couldn't hold a birthday candle to the hypnotism of Hilter.

But, the sweeping of legal changes, the disdain for popular opinion, and all the rest done in just 2 short years.....................well, that gives me great pause for comparison.

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LKCS, not feeling attacked at all ...

I guess the problem I have in the "humanizing" Hitler is that it ignores the rest of the population.

Meaning, that no matter how charismatic, how diabolical, one man doesn't massacre millions alone. Okay, Eichmann makes two. But his banality is documented. Two don't succeed in such evil.

An entire population of people perpetrated this (no, I do mean all the Germans. Germany read Goldhagen and accepted his premise en masse. As do I.)

Anyway, not to go too OT. Bush is a lesser leader than Hitler. And Americans are lesser ... racialists ... than the Germans and their neighbors of 60 years ago.

Really. I do believe that it can't happen here.

Well, I hope so, anyway.

Okay, I pray a lot.

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I might agree, on the whole, we are less "racialists". We are, after all, a melting pot. Many stubborn pockets of resistance racially, tho.

But, we damn sure are "classists" And it is the poor that I fear for the most...........

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