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Congratulations VeganC!
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Originally Posted by True Blue View Post
Oh my goodness kjad, I just looked at your chart...how have YOU not tested yet???

ETA: Nevermind, I'm out. Started spotting. Please move me to waiting to O. It's now safe to assume that that one test was defective that showed a very light positive. On the bright side, at least my cycle is back to normal after the crazy one last month! On the down side, I'm not sure we'll be trying again til May or so to avoid having a baby during holiday madness (and avoid the whole "this is your Christmas AND birthday present fiasco as the child grows up). I do hope we have some more bfp's!!
Oh True Blue... Sorry that Af showed up...I can understand having the cheap-me-out, Merry Birthday presents. Either that or double gifts at Christmas time and the other kids get jealous because they didn't receive as much. Watch, now that you're officially waiting until May, you'll probably get pregnant next month with a due date of December 25th!

As for me, I don't plan on testing for quite some time. My temps are higher than they've ever been, but I want to make sure that AF is in no way shape or form going to show up so we're waiting until 18dpo. I made that promise to DH because last month, we just "knew" we were pregnant and then AF showed. I O'ed late because of stress and we didn't BD all that much. I wasn't charting either so I decided to give it a go one more time with the charting and I bought a new thermometer half-way through my cycle, thus the three days of no temps. Thanks for stalking my chart though. I'll appreciate any other stalking over the next week or so because I need the cheers and encouragement.
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Hey, I almost made the top of the page!
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congrats to the bfps

i got a bfn, but temp rose this morning. another HUH? I'm still spotting very red, but nothing close to enough to call it af. Guess we'll see huh?
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Hello everyone,

Congrats to alll the BFP

Huge to AF and BFN. Wishing you GL in your new cycle.

[B ][/B]CD1 today. I'm happy for the end of last long cycle (annuovulatory). Here is me to a new cycle of success.

Happy weekend to everyone.

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: Hooray for your BFP! :

: : :
Congrats VeganC!
: : :

I hope you both have a wonderful happy and healthy nine months!
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Congratulations on the BFPs!

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congrats mamabear and veganc!!!

Move me to waiting to know, please!!

Kjad.......you have the most perfect chart.....I'd PAY for your chart, LOL!!1
best wishes!
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Congrats, VeganC!

I'm so impatient. Here I was, thinking I could test next weekend, when it turns out I just ovulated a day or two ago. Now I have to wait more. Harumph.

On the bright side of things, charting is so cool. Why have I not done this before? I know things I never knew before! They should teach charting in junior high health classes.
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Holy Cow!!!!

Congrats Mamabear & VeganC!!!!! I am SOOOOOOO happy for you!!!!!! Mamabear---I thought for sure you and I would be pg together, but I was so happy to see your BFP!!!!!!! : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :
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Congratulations to Mamabear and VeganC! It's so nice to see some lucky has been floating around!

Please move me to Waiting to Know, although I'm quite positive that this won't be our month. DH was sick last weekend and early this week, during my most fertile time, so there was very little (ahem) "activity" at our house during that time. Of course, now I have it too - so I get to be sick for my birthday in a couple days. :

Fingers crossed that next month will be a BFP month for me....and for the others that AF has found. And in the meantime, I hope we'll be seeing many more BFPs here soon!
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Thread Starter 
Updated to here.

Congrats Vegan C!!! :
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Originally Posted by bobandjess99 View Post
Kjad.......you have the most perfect chart.....I'd PAY for your chart, LOL!!1
best wishes!
Thanks!!! : I sure hope this one is it, because these high temps are making me sweat in the morning.
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Kemi totally agree I'll be holding my breath for those results... as a matter in fact I dont' think I woudl even have too, it looks textbook perfect!!! Lots of dust to you (and all of us darn it!!!!!)
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And Congrats Veganc!!!!!!!! I hadn't looked backt he page previous to see the big annoucment.
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I'm already on Waiting to O....so no change there...but.....

On My update- I feel silly coming here and posting this weirdness that my body is doing to me this cycle. I felt so good up until I got the fever and it happened exactly at the time when I was almost sure I would O soon......and even though FF took away my O date...now I'm more than sure I ovulated and it got mixed up with the fever....since I got my today!!!! So now I manually override the Ovulation date myself.

CD1 here!!
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i am soo upset this wasn't punquin's month.....her chart ROCKED!!!!!

for next month
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