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What do your kids do when you are on the computer?

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I know what mainstream moms probably do, put them in front of the t.v. all day. But what do you gals do with them?

It's my dream to one day be able to spend time at the computer catching up and chatting with friends, posting regularly to topics I'm interested in, or doing countless hours of research.

How on earth do you gals have thousands of posts, it took me forever to the few I have?

My kids never stand for me to be on the computer, I'm pretty much not allowed to do anything for myself. Even reading a book is not allowed as long as I'm in the same room.

4 yr old & 19 mon old

edited to correct grammer, I hate when I do that!
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Currently she is asleep, latched on, sitting up on my lap

I have a mat on the floor next to my computer, where she can play, or eat a snack.

Mostly I try to be on while she is asleep!
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Dd's room is right off of mine (where my computer is) so we can see each other the whole time. Usually she plays or colors. Right now she's riding her tricycle.

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i try to time my computer time along with zoeys times to play.

i'm on first thing in the morning cuz she does watch morning tv or a movie. then i log off and tv goes off. The little girl i watch arrives at 8:30 so we have breakfast together, go to playgroup, run errands, bake, clean, they play etc. I try to log on again after lunch when the little one i watch takes her nap and zoey does some coloring or plays on the other computer (she loves her games).

then when my oldest gets home from school, she's 13, she sits with the kiddos while i log on - they all do "homework" at the kitchen table and have a snack so i can get on again then for a bit. And after dinner dh likes his time with zoey so i get a bit more time then if i want it.

i fall asleep with zoey every night now around 8:30pm (7mos pregnant... i'm tired. lol), so thats my computer time for the day/night. its hard cuz i'm running a small tiedye biz and need to be on not to play, but most of the time to work
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What do your kids do when you are on the computer?
Play with knives. run with scissors.
just kidding

My son does love the show Hamtaro and Dora the explorer, so i go online then. he colors, plays with his matchbox cars, legos....right here in the computer room where i have the computer. i do homework too. he naps also.
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DS is either asleep or playing in his gymini right next to the computer, which he enjoys for 10-15 minute stretches!

Mama to Aaron, 1/26/03
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Well, here is another post that will fit my name well. My computer is in the center of the house. I have two kids in school, one in regular public school and one in preschool, my baby is sometimes nursing, playing, :::gasp::: watching the Wiggles or :::gasp::: Disney Sing Along tapes, and sometimes he is napping.

I take time for me. Part of that time is working on the computer (I am a WAHM) and part of it is for pleasure. I used to feel guilty about it but not any more. I make a lot of sacrifices for my children and to be able to stay home with my children, but at the same time I take time for me. I realized after baby number two, that taking care of me is just as important, if not more so than taking care of everyone else in the family. Luckily I have a wonderful partner who is very involved and nurturing and gives me every opportunity to pursue things I want to do and take time away from the kids.
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First, you have two. I have only one. And when I am on the computer she is napping or nursing. She's 11 months old so I get two naps a day. And she sleeps longer than me.
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Sleeps or nurses in my lap. If she's awake, it's impossible for me to be online- as dd wants to do exactly what I am doing all of the time. If she can't do it, neither can I. :
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I am on for about 20-30 mins in the morning while he watches Sesame Street. Then I'm on during his afternoon nap (which is always when the boards are really slow or crashing, which sucks because this is my most uninterrupted, guilt free time), and the evenings once he's gone to bed. I check in periodically here and there during the day while he is playing, but he won't let me sit here for long. He always wants to climb on my lap and play with the computer if he sees me on it.
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Our 'putar is in the living room so my girls play around or on me while I catch up on the days events.
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Ds#1 can play for short periods of time on his own, while I nurse ds#2 and use the computer. Usually I go on MDC when they are sleeping. Both are napping right now. Or when my dh is around.
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I usually am on-line at night, when the girls are asleep (like right now). But dh works from home, and takes the occasional coffee break - so I often catch a few minutes once or twice during the day while he plays with them (he'll do this most often when he's going to be out for an evening meeting, so won't see them in the evening).

Of course, if he's been out and about all day, it's 3 pm and I haven't even had a chance to check e-mail, I'll admit it - I park them in front of 'Kipper' for 20 minutes and have a quick look here to see what's happening!
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I can usually get online when Dd takes her naps. She's still needs 2 or 3 a day. Either that or when Dh is playing with her.
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Sleep, nurse, sit on my lap and try to unplug it...

Dh 'gives' me about an hour of computer time a night while he plays with the kids. I try to get all of my posting in then! I think the people with a ton of posts probably started here while pregnant and had more time to spend online.
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The youngest is sleeping on my lap; the older two are running around the house after each other. Earlier one was playing video games and the other was making designs with colored tiles in the living room. Now they are up in their room wrestling, it sounds like. They really do just find things to do. I think it helps that I have a 6 year old (in addition to two the same ages as yours), he is old enough to not need me all the time, and he is also kind of the ringleader, so they just follow his lead. It is SO much easier than having two, which was easier than having one. They keep each other company, they entertain each other.

The trick to keeping them off the TV, I have found, is not to have cartoon network, ha ha. Actually, even PBS they will sit and watch all day and even though there is some okay stuff on there I don't think it's healthy to be sitting there ALL DAY. So we have a TV, but it's not set up to receive signals most of the time. They still play video games, but they are good at regulating themselves with that -- they might play 15 minutes or half an hour then go do something else.

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Well, while I acquired most of mine, I only had a 9yo. He did all sorts of stuff while I was online.

Now that the girls are here, I post a lot less but they are either napping or nursing while I am online. If only one is awake, I can post while she sits in my lap.

It isn't my kids that suffer for my online time- it is my house!
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Two words:


We have an Apple AirPort and DH and I each have a laptop. So I can be on my computer and the Internet from any room in the house.

I keep it in the living room, and when DD is sleeping, nursing quietly in my lap, or playing with her toys I can be on my laptop. DD plays on her own quite readily, but I'm always right here with her and if she needs me I stop what I'm doing.

Sometimes if I'm in the middle of typing a response, for example, or if a thread has taken a bad turn and I need to do some mod duties...sometimes I get frustrated if DD wants my attention right at that moment. I began to feel very guilty about that and I'm working on that now. I'm proud to say that it's alot better now. I keep a close watch on DD while she's playing so even if she turns around to smile at me, I smile right back. I don't want her to feel ignored!

At this very moment, DH has taken DD for a walk, so I'm home free, lol.
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Our computer is actually set up in dd's playroom! She is usually tearing the room apart while I'm online. Occasionally she comes over to nurse or to bring me a book to read to her. Sometimes, if she wants me to play with her, she'll bring me a toy. That's when I know she's getting bored and it's time for me to get off the computer!
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I only use the computer while Cole is sleeping. If I tried to get online while he's around, I would have a baby trying to climb up my legs to see what I'm doing. :
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