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What do your kids do when you are on the computer? - Page 2

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he sits with me most of the time; sleeping, nursing, or playing with a toy (or a Mamma . sometimes he needs some space, so i put him in his saucer. but usually he sits right here with me
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Usually dd is asleep, or playing with her trains, which are right next to the computer, while I am online.

It often appears I am online more than I am as we have a cable modem and our comp stays online. I just tend to stay logged in while I wonder about and do things.

Course a good deal of the time she is nursing in my arms while I am online as well.
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I have one--she's either still asleep in the a.m., or taking a nap, or on an outing with her father, or sleeping at night. There's no way I could be online if she weren't doing any of the above.
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normally, i'm on when dd is napping or after she's in bed although, i sometimes get online when she's watching dora or something
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Another wireless connector here....

I also have a laptop with an airport card. I usually pop on and off several times a day, but usually for just a few minutes at a time.

Right now, dd is crawling around the room (i'm on the floor with her).
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This is what I do while I am nursing or in that "she is asleep but not if I move to suddenly" zone. Fortunately we have DSL so I can stay logged on all freaking day and stop in here and there for a quick MDC break.

Also while I was pregnant I spent a lot of time here counting the minutes until that baby came out. that realy boosted my post count. I think I posted over 1000 times in that last couple of months.
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Ds is taking his nap or down for the night when I am on. Which is why I am not on alot. Dh is working at home now and sometimes takes ds on errands with him or outside to play and I will pop in then. I don't come on when ds is up or playing even though our computer is in the kids playroom, I feel wierd going on when he is up. With the computer being in the playroom it is hard to go on when the kids are in here anyway it is our families place to congregate and I want to be with them. Sorry ladies
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  • sleeping
  • nursing
  • playing with the pen/pencil cup contents
  • actually drawing with the pen/pencil cup contents
  • playing in the playroom (office area opens with double doors onto the playroom)
  • playing in the office
  • battling me for control of the cords to the blinds, which can be reached only when sitting in mama's lap when she's at the computer

It adds up to a lot of time. ag
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Maya either sleeps or is nursing, mostly sleep though. Seems like thats all she does.
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I only have one child, and he's 20 months old and fascinated with cars and trucks. I can usually spend a few minutes on the computer while he is busy pushing his trucks around. I also get on here when he's sleeping.
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I am on when ds is sleeping/napping that is it.....
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"We're making messes!" - That's what I hear from my two boys lots lately - throwing every toy out of the nice, clear plastic boxes I have carefully sorted them into, emptying all the closthes from the closet, stomping into the rug the contents of a box of cereal that has been strewn all over the living room floor, or (last Monday) holding down the water dispenser on the refrigerator and flooding our kitchen. Actually, they flooded the kitchen while I was getting dressed. I should have known something was up from all the giggling I was hearing.

I also work from home part-time and when I need to get something done on the computer, I just clench my teeth and try to ingore the messes being made.

I encourage them to play with their toys in their room ("here, go play with your Lincoln Logs"), since they are a danger to my computer, printer and work materials.

If I want to play on the internet, I mostly get online after the boys are in bed.

By, the way, this mainstream mother asks that you consider if offense would be taken to a similarly catty remark made about AP mothers -

I know what mainstream moms probably do, put them in front of the t.v. all day.
Why, are you on your computer all day ?
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Complain, nurse, play alone, play with my db (dear briton)
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I usually only get online after my son goes to bed, and that's only on days when I don't have much cleaning to do.
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Well, I'm sitting in my living room right now using the computer, and my daughter has been walking around and singing and performing, engaging in pretend play. She also watches tv too, which is on right now, but she's not paying any attention to it. She just came up to me and told me that she wants to go to bed, so I guess I'll be getting off now.

Even before my daughter was born, I was using a portable computer and wireless connection, so I'd stick the computer on a kitchen counter, or use it in the bathroom and grab a few minutes here or there where I could.
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Up until very recently, he used to latch himself on to me. I weaned him from day and nighttime nursing 3 days ago (now only morning nursing.)

- Listens to his CDs (Dan Crow, Greg & Steve) and strums his guitar.
- Plays with toys
- Looks through his books
- Tumbles
- Plays with feathers

Before age 2ish, when he used to nap during the day, I was only on the computer when he napped. I did not want to fall in the trap of putting him in front of the TV so I could go on the computer.

He bugs his dad more and DH plays a photo slideshow for him or lets him type his name.
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I nak...a lot :

Really, I have two older boys who pretty much play or do things on their own all the time. My dd, 10.5 months, is usually nursing, napping (rarely), playing at my feet or playing with her brothers.

With my older boy, 8.5 yo, a lot of times I find we are both on the computer at the same time...we have two computers networked together back to back...so we chat and play games or whatever while the younger two play.

We homeschool and take frequent breaks...the boys really need lots of breaks to burn off that energy I pop on a lot during those breaks, too. A cable modem makes that so much easier (that could be a bad thing!)

I agree with what someone else said...my children don't suffer when I'm on the computer, my house does I can easily walk away from the computer if my children need me...the messy floor doesn't hold that sway on me :
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