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camping while pregnant

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Has anyone gone camping while pregnant, at how many weeks, and did you do anything differently than what you normally do when you camp?

DH are thinking about car camping in a few weeks, and other than bringing extra pillows I can't think of any other issues that might come up.
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Yeah, the pillows sounds like a good idea. I'd also bring a good bit more food than you normally would! But then again, I'm constantly hungry during my pregnancies!
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Be sure to camp as close to the restroom facilitys as you can:LOL

Be sure to sleep on the side closest the door for the midnight calls of nature. :LOL

All of this from the voice of exerpience.
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We went camping last pregnancy and all of a sudden the tent seemed MUCH smaller then other trips. Funny how that happened! But other then that and planning for night time pee trips everything was fine.
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i've been fishing pregnant but not camping. trying to convince dh to go on an overnight in june - i'll be 33 weeks tho and its freaking him out. lol

thanks for the advice tho ... sleep by the door of the tent, camp near restrooms, extra food, extra pillows. LOL

got it!
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We went backpacking when I was 30 weeks pregnant, during my last pregnancy. It doesn't seem like you are planning a backpacking trip- but yes, it is doable and fun also. I would advise a comfortable sleeping pad. Have fun!
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we're at 21 weeks now and have done one backpacking trip (short one, 2 nights 2 miles in). we're doing a few more over the course of the summer and are just planning on playing it by ear.

keep hydrated and bring luna bars or something so you are getting lots of vitamins in case your meals aren't completely healthy (as is known to happen with both car camping and backpacking). one can't live on brats or mac'n'cheese alone!

when we aren't backpacking in, we like to find walk in or cart in sites. that might be nice and peaceful for you. also, bring some sort of sleeping pad (therm-a-rest) so you aren't sleeping right against the ground.

as with anything, just listen to your body! if you're not having fun, pack it in (or out, as the case may be).
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I just went RV camping in a van camper, so there wasn't much to worry about, I guess. The one thing was that I was at a higher elevation, which always makes me swell up even when I'm not pregnant.

I had a harder time sleeping than normal--my hips got a little sore, so I think the extra pillows are great. Also make sure to have enough water around.
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I didn't like camping pregnant. I begged to leave, but I'm a wimp when it comes to the great outdoors, car camping or not!
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We're planning on going camping the first weekend in July....we'll be 38 weeks then!

As some have suggested here, I'm going to ensure to bring lots of pillows, food and look for a comfortable sleeping mattress or foam of some sort!

Hope you have a great time!
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I went camping at around 25 weeks, and had an OK time...

It would have been much better if my DH hadn't had to fly away on a business trip at the last minute, and if my brand new fancy air mattress hadn't been leaky (I woke up every 30 minutes because my hips were on the ground, had to climb out of bed & turn the pump on to inflate it again), and if it hadn't rained most of the time. Fortunately, I was camping with a big group of friends, on our annual camping trip to the ocean, and had plenty of other company & help.

Here's what I'll take along for my next pregnant camping trip:

-My DH. It was no fun being in that big old tent alone!

-A queen-sized air mattress that self-inflates and doesn't leak (and a tent that fits the mattress). Not exactly roughing it, I know

-LOTS of prepared, healthy snack food. I brought a ton of prepared food, but didn't always feel like making up an entire meal. More finger food would have been better than my more complete meals...I did have a big tupperware container of fruit salad made up, and that was perfect.
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We did tons of camping when I was preg, including at 36 weeks. The only thing I HIGHLY recommend is lots of paddage for sleeping. A thermarest wasn't even close to comfortable enough for me. I used it with a 4 in foam pad on top. The first camping trip I did preg I had no idea that I would be so uncomfortable so I ended up stealing the dogs bed to sleep on . A little stinky but the comfort was worth it.

Have fun!
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one more thought...

i woke up this morning with my first pregnancy induced leg cramp. what a doosey!

anyway, make sure your getting plenty of water (i said that already, i know...but its worth repeating)...and potassium! bananas are good, but greens (spinach, chard, beet greens, collards, etc) are even better!
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We went camping twice with my last pregnancy. The first time was around 5 months for just a weekend & the second time was near the 7th month mark for a whole week. I enjoyed it both times, but I'm a campin' kind of gal. So nice to be out in the fresh air.

I've always been a rough-it girl & don't have any problems sleeping on the ground but while pregnant we used an air mattress with foam pads on top. I also brought regular bedding because my belly didn't fit well into my mummy sleeping bag.

We don't camp near bathroom facilities so I'd get up and pee a few feet away from the back of the tent a few times a night. Keep a flashlight handy and toilet paper so you don't have to fish around for it in the dark.

Make sure you sleep by the door of the tent.

I had to bring my green bowl since I puked 9 months straight & lots of bottled water & snacks.

Have fun!!
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Great thread... We're going the 2nd weekend in June. I'll be 29 weeks at that point. Our plan was to bring an air mattress and extra pillows.

But I appreciate the input of having the restrooms nearby I hadn't thought of that.
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This shouldn't be a problem in the heat of summer unless you are at an upper elevation, but air mattresses (not thermarest)have a bad way of getting very cold at night. When I am camping, I like to have the cool night air on my face and the rest of my body comfortably warm. The camping-luxury air mattress that is so comfortable when you get into bed also holds air that changes temperature on a colder night - leaving me freezing at 3am. Not good! So, if you can, take a tarp to put between the mattress and the ground and an extra blanket or a foam pad for the top of the mattress.
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