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TMI cm question.....

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I know there is no such thing as TMI when ttc but I feel better kinda warning you....

Ok, so i went to the bathroom and I felt this odd feeling. So naturally I checked my cm. I had about a 1/2 tbsp of this yellow cm! It isn't odorous or anything like that. I seriously doubt it is any type of infection but I've never had cm in this quantity or color before...at least that I know of.

I was reading a post on another board about how they always got yellow cm when pg....I don't know if thats true or not...for me anyway since I wasn't watching for anything with ds...since we weren't planning him....

Anyway, what do you think?
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So you have no odor and no itching? And did the yellow fluid fall into sticky, EW, watery???
Yellow, unless it is canary yellow, isn't something to be concerned about in and of itself....mine usually has a yellowish tinge. Maybe it was that chocolate and mustard sandwich! :LOL
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It was really thick and ew like...it was just weird!
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Sorry to intrude on your post, but I was going to ask a similar question.

Adina, you said there's aproblem if it's canary yellow. Does that mean infection? I have something close to that, but I wasn't sure if it was because of my brightly colored yellow urine from my brightly colored yellow B-Complex pills or because of my suspected infection.

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What does EW mean?

Could be an infection even without other symptoms. Then again I alwyas get an infection as soon as I get pregnant. Something about pregnancy that crashes my immune system. Anyhoo, could be fertile mucus. Mine always has a yellow tint to it. What is your cervix doing?
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coleslaw - It was likely because of your B-vitamins...I notice mine is more yellowish when I take a lot of Bs.
I was just using the canary yellow as an extreme - didn't mean to freak you out - I should have said day-glo or neon yellow....that would have been better.
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My cervix has been high medium for about the last 6 days. No mvmnt. I also haven't gotten the whole loose bowels rght before af going on either. In fact I feel absolutely wonderful

For the first time since my m/c I am without the pukies after O!!! My stomach is feeling great! I'm a little exhausted but thats about it. I was crampy for about 6 days and then no more.

I don't know what is gonig on but I hope it keeps up!

On the day I had this funky cm I was have very sharp pains in my uterus. Then later in the day I had the cm. I haven't had anymore of either.

It kind of reminded me of my mucus plug.....
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Hi ladies....tmi but...I had more of that funky cm today! I sat to pee and it splashed into the toilet and then there was more!

My cervix finally moved from High and soft/medium. It is now low and firm...very low and very firm! When I went to temp this morning the thermometer kept killing my cervix! I could barely get the thermometer in there!!
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Please tell me you're kidding about taking your temp in your cervix.
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Yeah, I temp that way but not usually to the cervix...my cervix was just that low! I tried orally but it didn't seem to be acurate...

The yellow cm from what I've been seeing is something that a lot of women get early in pregnancy. All I know is I had it the day I think I had implant and the day before I test positive.
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It was probably colored by some blood from implantation then - which woudl explain the yellow color!
Congrats again!!!
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Be careful temping that way, it's an easy way to get an infection.
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Thats what I've heard. I clean my bbt every day...rubbing alcohol and then water.

Hopefully I won't need to temp anymore. The agreement is that when I'm about 6 months along this time dh will get snipped. That way we get it done during a "safe" time!
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