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The pregnant forever club

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Join with me!

"You are the lowest carrying woman I have ever seen!" - from my FIL and various other similar comments from my L&D nurse friend, midwives, etc.

I'm not due till Wednesday, but I've had so many episodes that really made me think I was going to go into labor. I actually went in and got checked Saturday after 5 hours of consistent contractions that started at 6 minutes apart and got to 3 minutes apart - strong painful ones. They petered out on the way in to be checked...

No CTX Sunday

Last night I lost track of how many times I woke up with painful contractions. None today.

I've had sooooo many episodes where I started to have medium range ctx (strong enough to make me catch my breath, stop walking, etc.) for an hour or more and then they go away. I know it's false labor/braxton hicks/ whatever. They are just wearing me out!

If I'm going into labor, I want to do it for real!
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I'm with you!! I don't normally post on here much because I was so busy and didn't have internet time, but now I am not working and just sitting around waiting for baby to arrive. I'm not due until the 26th but I am HOPING for a Valentines Day baby.

I have had contractions all week- but they never amount to anything that would warrant going in. So frustrating! My sister in law had her baby on the 7th and now I am ITCHING to have mine. I am 1cm dilated and 80% effaced- not that that means anything.

Maybe we'll just have nice easy, short labors since our bodies are so used to contractions
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I need to join your club!! My second EDD is today, so I'm not really overdue at all, but it just feels like SO many moms in our DDC have gone early, that it feels like I'll be one of the only ones left!!

I've had tons of BH ctx for the past 5-6 days, sometimes lasting over 12 hours! So I know my body is working and it's just a matter of time. Some of them have been really painful and I've had to stop and breathe through them.

I want to go into labor for real too, I'm right here with ya!
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Oh, I definitely feel like I'm going to be pregnant forever. It kind freaked me out last night.
My due date was Feb 4....so I'm really frustrated. My aunt is scheduled to come help me with the baby in a week and half....uh, too bad theres no baby yet.
I was having all kinds of freak out scenarios....induction, c-section...blah,blah,blah. I am supposed to have a home birth so I guess I just assumed my body would have the baby by now.
I have been having serious signs of labor for a week now.....and then nothing.
Today I go in for NST and sweeping membranes for the first time. I haven't had an internal since I was 3 months....ugh. I was hoping to do this the least invasive way. But I am praying that this puts me into labor tonight. I took a nice soothing bath last night to try and relax into this experience.
Well, I'll post back later....
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I'm with ya. 38w1d with twins. : I don't think I need to say more than that or could even form thoughts coherently to do so at this point
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Originally Posted by timneh_mom View Post
I need to join your club!! My second EDD is today, so I'm not really overdue at all, but it just feels like SO many moms in our DDC have gone early, that it feels like I'll be one of the only ones left!!
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I am due on Thursday, but I have been having tons of BH, backache, nausea and diarrhea. Today has been by far the worst. I did this for weeks my last pregnancy. I don't think this baby is ever really going to come. I am just going to be miserable for the rest of my life.
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I'm past due now which of course my doc said was not possible. I am dilated to 2, completely effaced, and have tons of BH. Any day now.

The only comfort I take is in knowing that the baby will eventually come out.
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Sign me up. I'm due on Thursday, too. Even though my ds was a week late, I still had faith that maybe this one would be on time (or even early - gasp!).

We had such a rotten week last week on top of being way too pregnant. I got sick, my 3-yr-old got sick, now his day care provider is sick. I'm supposed to be still working (from home), but it's hard to get any hours in, esp with a whiny 3-yr-old. I lost my voice, so phone calls are out. We spent 4-5 days below zero, and it hasn't gotten above 10 degrees for over a week. My car died in the cold - we finally had it towed and got a new battery. The water mains keep breaking, so we have no water pressure in our house (our kitchen sink is basically kaput). I'm just tired - I want to crawl into a hole and sleep. Ok, I'm done complaining. I needed that.

Did I mention I'm also really tired of being pregnant?

Hang in there, ladies - our babies will show up!
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I'm "over due" ... according to my dates : I'm 41 weeks today and I have1-2 in. in snow due tonight 6-8 in coming tomorrow and then 1-2 the next day : sigh ....

I'm hoping I'll go tonight be nothing is going my way.. Ive had loose poops for 2 days now and strong BH but other then that I'm just twiddling my thumbs :
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Me too. My u/s determined due date (which was the earliest of the various ones) was yesterday. I've been dilated to at least 2 cm and his head's been at least at -1 for a week, and to 1-2 cm and 80% effaced for over two weeks. I've been having bouts of regular contractions for weeks now -- lots and lots of BH, but some strongish ones that come in patterns and then stop. Nausea, backache, digestive upset, lack of appetite, and... NO BABY.

I know he'll be here when he's ready, but in the meantime, I have no more laundry left to do, no more baby stuff to rearrange, and I can't bring myself vacuum the house one more time. I'm so boooooooored.
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I'm not late either, but still pregnant.
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I'm 5 days overdue with baby number 7 and my water broke Thursday night at 11pm. I swear this baby is NEVER coming. This is the farthest I've ever gone over. I got out my charts to check conception date again and I know my due date was right (even padded a bit). This is so frustrating!!
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I'm still here too- not overdue but getting excited to meet baby! Tons of BH that are quite painful and some of the other *fun* things, but nothing regular. I'm not worried quite yet, my first DC came 2 weeks early/on his own schedule this one will probably decide 2 weeks "late" is going to be the perfect time!
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I definitely need to be a member of this club. I'm due today. I have been dilated to 2 and 50% effaced for 3 weeks. Baby has been dropped for 3 weeks, also. My first had to be induced and I am desperately trying to avoid that. I have an appointment tomorrow for NST. Waiting, waiting, waiting...
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I don't even want to be check by my midwife. I'm with you ladies, still preggo. Due date is Feb. 22, and just like everyone else...hoping for a Valentine's Day baby. I went for a long walk out in the snowy woods yesterday, and I must say that I recommend it to all you ladies-very refreshing. Hopefully, it won't be much longer (DD#1 was a week early).
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Not due yet but still prego! I thought I would go early until I stopped working... now he's a little too content in there. I hope I am not still pg in March!
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Sign me up! My due date was last Friday. I was REALLY hoping to have baby this last weekend but no such luck. I'm scheduled for a biophysical US on Thursday. I was SO hoping to avoid all the medical stuff at the end again (went 42 + weeks with my other two kiddos). I'm in a much better starting place (4 cm and soft, 50 %) and feel like I'm just waiting for some darn contractions to start!!!

I am so so so ready to meet this little one!

Hang in there mammas...we'll all get there..hopefully soon!!!
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I'm still here, finally to the absolutely miserable point. I just want to sleep right now, I feel like I've been hit by a truck. I've finally started swelling too, so that sucks. My due date is sunday and the baby still isn't even engaged into the pelvis. I'm totally ready for dh to be home with me, he's working ft and schooling ft while I'm home with the roudy 2 yr old. Oh yah, and were all finally not ill around here and now I'm afraid to leave the house to much since our county is having a flu outbreak and a million other viruses too :.
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We had our baby on the 2nd...about 3 days before the due date. I already miss being pregnant!! Crazy I know:
Hang in there girls!! Your time is almost here.
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