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Emmett has a cold!

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My poor little muchkin is all stuffed up. He isn't his usual happy self, is having trouble nursing, and is clearly under the weather. I took him to the ped today but there isn't anything to be done for him (other than saline nasal spray - which hasn't seemed to help and he HATES).

On the positive side, he has gained over 3 pounds since birth (4 weeks ago today), which is almost 50% of his birth weight (6lbs 9 oz to 9 lbs 10 oz). So, he has been eating well until the last couple of days. This also explains why his diapers aren't fitting so well any more. Time to move up in size, I think.

Hope all your litle ones are happy and healthy!
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Amelia has a little stuffy nose too. I have sucked it out with the little ball sucker thingy a couple times which doesnt thrill her but hey - thats life!! it does make it a little harder for her to nurse, but im not too worried about it since in the last week she had gained another 10 ozs!

I am sure they will feel better soon!! Good Luck
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Piper has a bit of a cold too, with a snotty nose and yucky eye goop - I feel so bad for her.

Hope your babes feel better soon!
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Isaac has had a cold too He's been much better since I have been using the saline nasal spray and sucking all the yuck out a couple times a day. I think we are just about done with it! And on the subject of weight gain... He's gained a whopping FOUR POUNDS in three and a half weeks! He's up a full four pounds from his discharge weight of 8lb3oz (up to 12lb3oz yesterday!) We are moving up clothes sizes already..
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Saffron has a cold too. She hates me because I have to keep going after her with the bulb syringe but there's really nothing else that can be done.
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Zoey just got over her cold! Poor little babes...

I found the thing that helped most was a humidifier in the room, and burping often during nursing sessions due to excess gulping/gas. Hope he feels better soon!
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We are on the flipside of a cold here too! Its so hard seeing someone so little sick, but pumping in the breastmilk at least our bodies are fighting for them as well, kwim?

Hannah doesn't care for the saline, but she always breathes and nurses much better without it so I do it anyways :
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Emmett is feeling a little better. He is still stuffy and coughing, but he is back to nursing normally (still with a little choking/gagging - but not as much). His mood has improved and today we got our first intentional smiles. He likes to play peek-a-boo! I've been giving him nose drops (saline or Anafrin) once at night and that does seem to help.
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