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How bad/good is this name?

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We are seriously considering "Robert" for our boy; problem is I really only like Robin as a nickname a DH (and his male coworkers) think it is too girly. (ie I dont want to use the name and call him Bob, Rob, Bobbie, Robbie or Bert)

Am I crazy? I know it is sometimes a girl name but I think it is a cool boy name. I think if the kid isn't girly, the name isn't going to be a factor. If he is the kid who gets beat up on the playground, it is not a result of his name but a whole host of other factors that add up to how kids perceive weakness. (At least in my experience, that was true. The kids who got mocked in my life were actually named things like Mike and Justin and Paul).

How bad/not bad is Robin?
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Not bad at all in my opinon. I normally see the girl's version spelled Robyn.

The first thing that comes to mind is Robin Williams. I wouldn't call him girly - crazy and wild sure, but not girly!
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Didn't you see Mrs. Doubtfire?? Okay, but no, NOT girly. I don't think of Robin as a boy or girls name. I have known boys and girls by that name and even knew a couple that were Robin and Robyn, that was a little weird though. And I agree that it doesn't really matter what you name your kid, if s/he is going to be picked on, kids will find a way. Maybe compromise and give him a manly( ) middle name that he can choose to use if he feels like it when he gets older?
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Well...My grandpa was R.B/Rob (depending on who was talking to him), My dad is Bobby, my brother is Robert, and we wanted to use family names. But I was burnt out on Robert so we picked Robin as out girl name - and I love it! I love it for my sweet girl, and I think it's a great boy name also. I had a guy friend in college named Robin, and it never seemed even a little bit feminine. He was really cool and sporty (and hot), and no one ever thought anything amiss about the name Robin. Plus, I could point out the boy wonder, compadre of Batman, Robin - which is probably, if anything, what male Robins do get teased about. Outside the US, I think Robin is much more common among men than women.

I'm a big believer that you give your child the name you think is best, then raise them to be strong and confident. you can't control what other people might think or say - but you can raise a child with a character that can be strong in the face of adversity.
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Thank you all for in the input. I agree. I think it speaks to some fear in my DH and to what kind of a son he wants. He comes up with very macho names and I tell him to watch out b/c if you give the kid a gladiator name, he'll probably turn out to be a ballet dancer out of spite.

He wants to name the boy Canon (which is okay too - it is b/c we got married (and concieved) in a place called Cannon Beach). I'm okay with Canon Robert or Robert Canon but I want to call him Robin, not Canon, particularly as a child.
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