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weight loss help

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Baby is 6 weeks old. I have been working out since 9 days postpartum and am finally back to 100% (I thought)....I am working out 7 days a week for at least 30 minutes a day. I have lost 20 pounds of my pg weight and have 18 to go to return to prepg weight. Problem is, I am not losing pounds for the last 2 weeks. I know some of it is probably because of bfing. I was only eating 1000 calories a day (not on purpose) and have now boosted my calorie intake to keep up my milk supply.
What are you ladies doing to get back to pre pg weight? What is working for you? I need some suggestions.
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I'd say take it easy! Frustrating (and cliche) as it is, there's something to the saying, Nine months on, nine months off. It's completely normal for weight loss to be fast in the first few weeks as you shed water weight and so on, then for it to slow down. Eat well, make sure you're getting enough calories (your normal calorie amount plus around 500 extra), drink to thirst. I wouldn't worry that you haven't lost any the past 2 weeks, but if you're concerned you could talk to your care provider!
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I have already reached my pre-pg weight and beyond (I only gained 11 lbs. so I was under that as soon as I delivered) but I've found that I lose better when I eat better. More not less seems to work. Its almost as if my body was too tired from lack of calories to burn fat. I am trying to do something like walking each day and attempting to eat healthy (save for the 3 birthday cakes I had this weekend). I was stuck at 14 lbs. lost and then suddenly dropped drastically after a weekend of rest and good meals along with good hydration. I'm not rushing to lose my other 26.5 lbs. of my 47.5 lb goal so I get more inspired by each lb. than I would if I was working hard at it if that makes any sense. Like its an added bonus =) Good luck!
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Thanks - I talked to a nutritionist at the gym this morning and she said the same thing. She recommended that I boost calories to 1600 per day with 40%from protein. She also said I need to relax and quit worrying about it so much - that it will happen in time.
Good luck to you too.
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I am not actively working out or trying to lose a lot of weight at this point, but I did notice a plateau after the first 20 pounds came off. However, I noticed at that point I started losing a lot of inches around my middle- I started going down in clothing sizes. Have you noticed this?

I second just eating well and taking care of yourself!
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I miss exercise already, and my baby is only 9 days old. But I'm not supposed to do much lifting or strenuous movement as I had a c-section. Seriously, I can't wait to get out and move. I gained almost 40 pounds while preggers and now weigh 13 pounds above my pre-preg weight.
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With proper nurtition and hydration you will be able ro loose it all, in a matter of time. Just relax and take it a day at a time. Even 1600 cal per day is technically to low for someone who is breastfeeding. You should not diet while BFing and exercising to much can couls low milk supply as well, so do your self and babe a favor and take a load off. If it is that bothersome to you maybe you should speak to your OB.
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I gained 50 pounds iwth both my kids. At 6w pp with ds I'd lost all the weight without doing a thing. At 6wpp with dd I still had 35 pounds to go! : I had two pairs of pants that fit and one of those had a whole in the butt. I was going back to work in 6 more weeks and was determined not to have to buy any new clothes.

I did weight watchers nursing program and lost the rest of the weight. Took me a about 10 weeks but it was easy and healthy. I needed the discipline evidently.
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not from your dd club but wanted to post in
do make sure you are getting lots of protein in there and not empty calories or lots of carbs
eat 5-6 small meals a day to keep your blood sugar levels regulated and so your body never goes into starvation mode
do light weight lifting 3x a week until you are 3 months PP and then you can up the weights
shoot for 1400-1600 calories a day if you are working out that much you need to be eating enough
protein protein protein
eggs, protein powder, powdered milk, cheese, yogurt, meat, cottage cheese (smoothies are great for this)
good luck
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I would even boost your caloric intake more. sounds crazy right. i didn't lost the weight until i at more of the RIGHT foods. i ate unlimited amts of veggies, fruit, nuts and protein (chicken/steak)--probably like 2500 calories/day and weight came right off--especially from my abdomen.

good luck.
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Thanks for all of the input. I am continuing to work out and have boosted calories and am losing inches, no weight. I attibute that to fluid retention and hopefully muscle gain. Thanks, again.
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