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Another vote for Very baby. So simple. And cute.
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Hi ladies! I am new to the cloth diapering scene. I am due with my 3rd in 6 weeks and wanted to make some covers instead of paying full price for them.
I do have a few questions if you don’t mind.... (didn’t intend on hijacking the thread).
Q. How many of these diapers are one size fits all or do you know of a pattern like that? I was given some BumGenius diaper covers at my shower and I love them but don’t want to pay $18 each for more. They were the OSFA and I thought that was so clever.

Q. How much does a diaper cost when all of the materials are purchased? I know some fabrics are more expensive than others and when organic materials come into play the price jumps as well, but does anyone have a general idea?
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1. i modify pretty much every pattern for use for my children. mine are currently AI2/ sham pocket hybrid and they have gussets. the inners are microfleece, hidden breatheable nylon (for waterproof layer) and recycled material outer. i have a dozen made for DS and i wash them every couple of days. I dont know about anyone else but I find gussets very important for my breastfed DS as it keeps all the poop in. I am using the free wee weka pattern for him, it however does not fit my DD well, so I use ottobre pattern for her and it worked well, her is minus gusset but they are also AI2/sham pocket hybrid.

2. I bought microfleece in Walmart, they were on sale, i think it was $7.98 a meter (i am in canada). I believe i got about 2 - 4 inners from it depending on how I position it. The nylon is fabric is pre cut and my mom got it for me for $3 for a pack of 10. the recycle outer is whatever I have, it can be tshirt, flannel sheets, denim and whatever I hv around the house :-) So total cost? under $10 per diaper. my soakers are all prefolds that i picked up from freecycle.

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For the size smalls (fits to about 20 lbs) I make my daughter, my approximate cost per diaper is:

PUL - $1.50 (I can get 4 diapers from 1/2 yard - $8/yard, plus shipping)
Microfleece inner - $1 (I buy it at my local fabric store for $8/metre, can get 4 diapers from 1/2 metre)
Aplix closure - about $0.75 ($1/yard, plus shipping)
Soaker pads - $0.10 (made from 8 layers of recycled t-shirt material, bought at a bag sale at my local thrift store)

So my cost for the contour fitteds with an outer layer of PUL that I make from my own pattern is a whopping 3.35 per diaper. I was making flannel fitteds with covers, but it's actually cheaper to just make them with PUL. When I make my next size up, I'll make them all this way.

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