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What type sling would you recommend? - Page 2

Poll Results: Which sling is the best?

  • 48% (24)
    Maya wrap
  • 14% (7)
    Over the shoulder baby holder
  • 16% (8)
    New Native
  • 22% (11)
50 Total Votes  
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I like my sling from www.taylormadetreasures.com it's similiar to the maya, but sewn a bit different at the shoulder, to make it easier to "fan out" over your shoulder.

I had a padded sling (similiar to the otsbh) with ds and I really liked it, but only because I didn't know anything else existed I discovered unpadded slings and was hooked.

I agree that it can be a pita to adjust them and get them just right, but if you have someone that knows slings help you, then once you get it down, you'll be a pro!
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Originally posted by uccomama
and recommending something else! My very favorite sling is the Didymos, I know it is pricey, but the Girasol or EllaRoo are excellent and somewhat cheaper alternatives. Why? Because they a just so versatile. Yes, they have a longer learning curve but once you get the hang of it, which takes you all of a couple of attempts, they are so worth it. You have the options of the cradle, wrap n cross carry when newborn, the cross carry, wrap n cross carry, kangaroo carry, hip carry and several ways to tie the sling in a back carry once they get older. I love how it distributes weight on both shoulders which makes wearing them in a sling for longer periods way more comfortable.

I have't tried a KK fleece sling, but I still think the Didymos/Girasol/EllaRoo are more practical in the long run because of their versatility.

Yes, I heard so many great things about Didymos...I wanted to ordered one,but they don't have the color I like in size 6.so I bought 1 EllaRoo from Vesta here( peppermint.com )...and I really love it.It's very light and way more pratical than my 4 of other slings.
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We switched back and forth between your basic sling, (I think Dr. and Martha Sears are on the box) and a Baby Bjorn. I have a bad back so I could never use the same one for a very long time. Nursing is obviously much easier in a basic sling, but my kids seemed to prefer being more upright in the Bjorn for outings, etc.
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I love my Maya wrap! I got to pick from fabulous colors, I have used it since my Joseph was 3 months old and it feels like my arms are wrapped around him. He would sleep while I shopped, I nursed him unbeknownst to my inlaws at dinner in a fine dining restaurant too!
The colors are awesome and I think because of the versatility, it is an easy transition for the babes.
I must say though, the maya wrap is the only one I've tried, so don't have anything else to compare it to.
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i buy the one my wife wants:LOL and wear which ever one she gives me:LOL
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