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Unusual baby names

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What are some unusual baby names that you like?

How about these?

Adoniram (my dh's idea)
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Adoniram isn't bad. Adoniram Judson was an amazing man, but probably unknown to most folks.

The other names don't do anything for me though.

Good luck!
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I like Cairo.

I also like Orion.
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I always thought if I had twin girls I'd name them Henna and Amaranth (of course then they would spend the rest of their lives explaining to people that it's Henna, not Hannah, and Ama, not Anna.) But I didn't have twins, and my one girl just didn't fit either name. And my husband didn't like either name, either. So she's Delia, a little old fashioned but not really unusual.

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my daughter's name is Shoshanna.
i like unusual names, definitely not a top 100 kind of person, hell, i don't want it if it's in the top 1000!

there's a girl's name i really like: Fionnula, there's probably other spellings, but that's the one i like and would use should we ever have another child, and it be a girl.

my husband is lobbying to name a future son Constantine Augustus. i'm vetoing.
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I like my name a lot and actually gave it to my dd....she is Sarah LeShea (rhymes with OK)
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If I habe twin boys (not likely), I'd love to name them Kai and Keanu. Those names are just so cool. I also love the name Miah.

I tend to prefer more traditional girls' names (i.e. Emma, Grace, Ava, Isabel). At least they're not too trad.
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My dd's name is Tsifira, which seems to be fairly unusual. I actually found it in a baby naming book, though
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My ds's name is Ryne.

Cuz my hubby and mom kept fighting over Bryan or Ryan so I said fine it's Ryne. Now he's named after 2 baseball players. LOL
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Our 1st ds is Mercury.. Not even listed on the top 1000 for the last 10 years...

Our second is Xavier.. and the one due in July is Liam.. Our names get more common the more kids we have it seems!!!

Warm Squishy Feelings...


P.s... I like

Warm Squishies again...

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I like Azuza. I know someone whose daughter is Azara. I also know an Emaryn and Salem.
My older 2 girls have names that are pretty common, which I actually had no clue when we named them. I've just loved the name Lauren for years, and Alyssa as well. Lily's a little less common than her sisters names but still a top 100 name I like less common names but DH likes more common. His top pick for Lily was really Emily. A great name but also very common.
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I think Cairo is cool.

Cole has an unusual name - it's really Coltrane.
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Ds' name is Canyon, which we don't hear very often.

We were also stuck on the name Helix for awhile (Dh and I are both scientists).

For girls we considered Juniper, Ember, Aurora and Sequoia. Though none of them quite fit for dd.
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When searching for our baby's name we looked to my husband's origins - being egyptian and arab.

For our girl born in Dec 2002, we chose aya (pronouced eye-ya) which means gift from god. I really enjoyed researching all of the names of arabic origin. Some of them sound so cool and really really they have some of the most beautiful meanings. For a boy I was thinking Nabeh - which means genius. Another on our list for a girl was Farah - which means joy.

You can do a search on almost any engine and turn up good sites. Don't shy away if a link says muslim names - that is more or less just another way of saying arab names.
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Where did 'Azuza' come from- are you thinking 'Azusa', like one of the current crop of location-names?

While I wouldn't go so far as Sweden and outlaw really unusual names, it does bring to mind all those hippie-kids like Zowie Bowie and Free (Carradine, wasn't it?) who changed their names to more 'normal' ones... I am of mixed feelings. An ususual but attractive name can be cutting edge, and start a trend (OT-believe it or not, my 25th place 'Sam' had people around here going '*Sam*? How- different.'), but as much as I would've gotten to enjoy getting totally creative, I was concerned that the name #1) fit the child, & #2) be ok to live with. I save my naming acts of superlative creation for fiction, & video game characters, lol.

PS Cloverleaf, I like 'Helix'! And the unusual names y'all mentioned- 'Coltrane', 'Aya', 'Cairo' etc are all pretty cool & I can't imagine causing any kid anything but joy. But y'all know what I'm talkin' about. If you send your kid to public school (I don't, hehe, so I guess I could've gotten freaky!), there is some responsibilty (#1, to teach kids not to make fun of other kids' names, of course, but we can't police every kid) to 'fit in'.


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My name is Astrid and my entire life it just confused people and made it easily forgotton. It is an very old fashioned norweigen name like Mary. I chose to name my kids something easier to remember as I changed schools a lot and with a different name it was harder for people to remember. One jr. high school teacher told the class she thought she was saying a "bad word" when she said my name... Get a grip lady!!!
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I think Astrid is a beautiful name.

Suseyblue - That was a consideration for us. So Cole's name is really Robert Coltrane K____ . If he wants to go by Robert later on, he can - although I hope he likes R. Coltrane. And "Cole" as a nickname is pretty common too. He has a variety of names to choose from, LOL!

Here is another thing I like about using his middle name: the idea of a real or secret name, that only close family or friends know - it means something, to know something's "real" name. So, while the world will know him as Cole, only a select few will know his real name, and that is a powerful thing, in my opinion.
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I LOVE the name Cairo.
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Hi! Wow, there are a lot of neat names on this thread. My son has a pretty unusual name (Keiran) too. I am having such a hard time thinking of a name for my next baby. Do any of you know of any good websites for unique names?
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What great names!

I also like Eliana which means God Answered Me, Amare which means love, Balam which means jaguar, Shiralee which means A Song for Me.

I found my baby's name, Maya Quetzali, in a book called "Exotic Names" (dedicated to all the Indians of the Americas being exterminated, thier spirit and fate at one with the natural world & to those who gave me the inspiration for this book and all the amazing children being born into the world now, needing names to help them with the future."

Quetzali means "beatufil feathers of Quetzal." Quetzal is a magnificant sacred Central American bird known for its beatiful feathers and for the nightly display where they all return to the jungle and as they do so they make the sky a beatiful green. Quetzacoatl was the good god, god of light, goodness, and all beneficial things.

Maya means Illusion. The Material Universe. Magic. But we named her after the Mayan people. The civilatgion was a vast empire of hundreds of towns and numerous cities of stone and pyramid temples. They are known for their sophisticatd culture, their astronomy, their books, their monuments, pyramids and pyramid bases, and elaborate architecture adorned with carvings and hieroglyphics.
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