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Originally posted by EmmalinesMom

I also like Orion.
Me too! :LOL Other boy names we liked (or at least I liked) was:

And when/if we have a girl her name will be Aurora Star.
Other girl names on my list:
Kyleigh (not too 'different' but I like the spelling)

Now I'm giving all my names away! :LOL But it'll be awhile before we have the opportunity to even think about girl names (if we have any girls! I've got 5 brothers and Dh has 2 and 1 sister)
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our dd's first name(s) are common as an endearment, but not as a name: sweet pea.

we have gotten some weird looks, but many people seem to understand when they meet her, and far more people seem to like it than we expected. maybe we'll start a trend of non-traditional plant and flower names, though I've already heard of some others, like trillium.

her middle name is tullia, which means peace. she was born the sunday after the current war in iraq started. I always wanted to name a daughter talulah, and my dh didn't, so this was a great compromise.

I don't think we have any obligation to choose normal names to make it easier for others, but I would support my children in choosing their own names, and legally changing them, if that is what they wanted. who knows, they might not choose normal names either.

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Azuza comes from the Pentecostal Azuza Street Revival that took place in 1906 in Los Angeles. We were thinking of the name Suzannah and we thought of Azuza.

So do you think Cairo is a girl's name or a boy's name?
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I definitely see Cairo as more of a boy name- I don't know, it just seems to have a masculine twinge (a new word! ) to it.
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Being that I grew up and continue to live in a very creative community, different names have always been a way around here. I recall a few Rainbow, Cloud, Zeynep, Djuna, Reed, Lah, Lazlo, Atilla, Zoltan, Sunshine, Star, Satya just to name a few.
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We named dd Zen. I always though she could go by her more glamourous middle name and use Zen as her last name if she ever became famous. I can see it in lights: Vivian Zen

I like Cairo too. I would really like to find a good C name for a boy, in case we have a boy next. It would make a funny play on our last name. We were thinking of naming dd Calvin if she had been a boy. It isn't unusual, but it isn't common either.

Odessy is a pretty cool name. We thought that would be fitting for a child born in 2001.

I like Hatha for a girl, but I think someone mentioned that it may get confused with Hannah. I also like Dharma, but I think it's gonna take a few generations, like Lucy for the the series to wear off before it can be used.
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vwmama...Don't anyone know of Astrid Lingren who wrote "children of Bullerbyn"?
That was a classic of my childhood!!!

My full name is Magdallen and I think I like it, but has always gone as Maggie as it was shorter.
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Mamma 2pudgy bunns --I know about Adoniram Judson--I was the president of the Ann Judson society in college I really enjoyed learning about them.

Well, my name is Malissa--very common but not spelled that way.

I have an uncle named Justice--which was his mom's maiden name.

My son is named Philemon--it's pronounce Figh (high)--lee--mon (as in Monday) it is a book of the Bible and Philemon means "a Kiss".

We had neigbors with a little girl named Pachulie Flower.

I have a nephew with a daughter named Triona--Try--oh--na

His name is Troy and hers is Trina so they mixed it--but then they named their other children "normal" names--I don't think that's fair actually--if you're going with uncommon names all the kids should get something uncommon.
For example if we have another child we won't name him John cause that's not fair to give Philemon an uncommon name and then a very common name to the others.
Don't know if I"m making sense here--but all my siblings got a Bible name and I didn't and I always felt left out about that.

Astrid is very pretty--Astrid Lindgren wrote Pippy Longstocking--I'm not sure about the other book

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DD1 Elentari

DD2 Galadriel

Both named 4b LotR came out. B4, nobody had a clue. Now it is better recognised.

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sorry, having to remove all posts with personal info due to an online stalker.
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I don't really have any b/c dh's name is spelled different so he won't let me name our dc w/ unique names. LOL

I just wanted to post to OK Mama and say "HI!". I'm also in the Tulsa area!
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I guess my signiture line says it all!
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vwmama, Astrid was one of the names I wanted to name dc#2 if he had been a girl. I've always liked it.
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I seem to mostly like classic names, Grace, Lily, Emmaline, Archie, Garrett, Gresham, Annika, Madeleine, Magdalene.. but I also like Serenity, Trinity, and Jubilee.

However... I have a friend with children (2 boys and a girl) named Exclamation Mark, Theomatic, and Mirth Yougen.

And these names were in a recent issue of Above Rubies magazine. I like a lot of the boys names!

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Oops I forgot when I was reading over ging ging's list I remember 2 of my nephews


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Ah, OK Mama, I used to go to Hope St. ('Jesus Saves' sign, remember, Angelenos?)- I know what you're talkin' about (ps it is 'Azusa').

Sweden just stopped a couple from naming a kid 'Superman'. And in Korea, a couple named their baby 'Saddam Ding Sars', I believe (might be off on the middle name I remember the others)- 'to commemorate the year in which he was born'. So, you do see my point?

'Sweet Pea' is beautiful, Lau. (and I was not thinking of making it easier for others, just the kids themselves.)

PPS I really liked the name 'Kefira', hebrew for 'lioness', but as we had boys, it didn't come up. (And I already used it for a buttkickin' videogame character, lol.) But it's pretty, no?

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Suse I just had to comment on your sig:

"Tastes like burning." Ralph Wiggum
It made me laugh My favorite Ralph quote is "I look like cable tv!"

And I guess Orion must be the wildest name ever considering my MIL's reaction! :LOL
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Originally posted by suseyblue
PPS I really liked the name 'Kefira', hebrew for 'lioness', but as we had boys, it didn't come up. (And I already used it for a buttkickin' videogame character, lol.) But it's pretty, no?
Unfortunelately, it sounds the same as the word for "heresy". The more common names that mean "lioness" are Lavia or Ariella (lion of G-d).
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My name is Rhiannon. It is getting to be more and more common.

We named our DS Ozaiis. DH really wanted Osiris, but I didn't like the way it sounded with our last name. So we made up Ozaiis, Ozzy for short.
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I also like Machaira (I think, ma KIY ruh). Its Greek for short sword or something similar.

Machaiah (ma KIY uh) was a male character in the Bible, but I have heard this name twice for a girl.

I like both of these because Mackay (muh KIY) is a family name of mine
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