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Waldorf Newborn Essentials

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Expecting our first in June and was wondering about Waldorf and infants/newborns . In particular, what supplies and such are necesary for newborns ? What do we really *need* and what natural alternatives are there to all the plastic crap that is thrown at us ?

Besides cloth diapers,slings, natural clothes and wooden toys, is there anything else we should consider ? Any additional alternatives to the typical baby gear that might be useful..

Thanks ~ Pixie
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One thing I would love to have is a lambskin. As far as alternatives, I'd keep in mind that the quality is more important that the quantity (It can be hard to convince family of this, I think) and you dont need a whole lot. If you are looking for info on baby care from a Waldorf standpoint, you may try reading Madga Gerber's Your Self Confident Baby. I have not read this, but they have it at my local library, and plan on checking it out this weekend. I dont really have any experience with Waldorf, I am just starting, but I have been researching on the web for a couple of monthes now. It would probably help to come up with some resources for family/friends about the benifits of natural toys and clothing, so that you are not bombarded with plastic from the start. If you give them this info now, they may be able to make or order an appropriate gift for your baby.
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I'm a big fan of the baby play bar and the ring rattle/teether (links below) this stuff isn't "necessary" but it's nice to have.


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I've had 2 "waldorf babies" after my first baby, and its been so much fun.

Rudolph Steiner talks about the importance of color a lot with children and babies. A mauvish-purple silk ( or a red on top of blue silk) is a wonderful color for newborns, as is a peachy orange for babes with digestive issues or who cry a lot. When your baby is not in your arms, fashion some sort of canopy so this silk can be flitering the light over them.

Check out the Amby Baby beds endorsed by Dr Sears. Don't have time to post a link but they are wonderful to place your baby in by day when you can't carry or sling him.

Peace and quiet is important as much as possible, and having your own REGULAR waking and falling asleep time is an important first step towards finding a compatible rhythm with your new little one. There's much more, I will reviit this thread tomorrow when I have more time
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The book You are Your Child's First Teacher by Rahima Baldwin Darcy has a lot of descriptions of what a newborn's space might look like and what toys would be nice in the first year. I'm more of an attachment parent person so we did more slings and carrying than bassinets with silks over them, but there were still some lovely ideas in there for me.

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I love lambskin and essential oil massages for newborns. There is nothing sweeter.
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I have an Amby, it is awesome DD loves it, and sleeps much better in it than in my bed (but I'm too lazy to put her in it in the middle of the night)
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These suggestions are so cool. I don't know a thing about Waldorf, but now my interest is piqued. Especially love the colored silks idea...
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