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Introduction and a Question

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Hello everyone! I have been lurking for a few weeks, but tend to be a bit shy on internet forums, so I waited until I actually had a question before making my introduction. I am a 24 year old mother of a 9 month old little boy. He is a wonderful baby, but highly active!!!! I am trained as a librarian, I actually recieved my degree on Sunday, but at the moment I stay home with my little one. We breastfeed, co-sleep, sling when he'll let me-- he seems to prefer crawling or cruising to his destination . . .
Anyway, my question is this: I am sick! I have a fever of 100, chills, terrible croupy sounding cough, and would really just like to pop off and shoot myself to spare myself the agony of living. My husband is at a special training session for work this week and I don't even know a number to reach him at, we have no family in the area, and eveyone I know has a brood of thier own and certainly would want to avoid us like the plague, or at least like the flu So what do other mothers do when they are really sick, not just cold sick, but not quite go-to-hospital sick? We don't have TV reception, but would it be awful of me to pop in say, Sound of Music and let him watch, if he will, while I lay in bed? Any other ideas, I have until 7:00 to keep Baby and self alive. . .
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First off

As for your question . . .Desperate times call for desperate measures. At least that's what I think. Don't feel guilty for getting a little bit of rest. I lay on the couch and let the little ones watch TV if I am sick and have no other options. I look at it like this, if I don't get rest and get better ASAP, and then who is going to take care of them? An hour or 2 of non creative entertainment is better then me getting so sick I have to go to the hospital. What would they do then? KWIM?
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Of course it would be ok. You sound really sick and need to look after yourself.
Put that video in. The best thing for your baby is a healthy, rested mother. Hope you feel better soon.

And if you want Dr Sears advice, well according to his Seven Baby B's of Attachment Parenting, number 6 is BALANCE AND BOUNDARIES - I quote "...we will show you how to be appropriately responsive to your baby, which means knowing when to say yes and when to say no, and also having the wisdom to say yes to your own needs. .."
"The Baby Book"
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Mmmmmm . . . thank you so much for your replies, the video did not work very well-- he just wanted to *DANCE* . It was too cute, he was also humming and singing. Of course, he is too little to have free roam of the house, especially as his favorite games are pull the kitty's tail and throw inappropriate objects in the toilet. We need to get a toilet lock soon.
Any other thoughts from those who have more experience in keeping babies safely busy . . .
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So he's a dancer, huh? How cute! This probably won't help you now, but when I was pregnant with dd and would get awful migraines I would have the teenage girl up the street come to help me out. She kept me son out of my hair at least. I found that the tv wasn't able to keep my son entertained until he was at least 2 years old.

Nine months is tough, they still need so much entertaining. I hope you made it through the day!
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If you have a VCR the I would have someone run over to Target and procure for you a Wiggles video and some Dayquil. This is an all singing, all dancing entirely diverting show from Australia that will buy you 45 minutes of naptime while your dancer grooves out. The Dayquil will reanimate you enough to be able to cope for a few hours if you are seriously dying from flu. Drink lots of water. The decon will dry you out but you will spring back to life somewhat.

Other fun activities that require minimal parental intervention.

A whole bunch of tupperware bowls and lids. Plonk them in the middle of the floor and let the kid go wild. You can put something like cheerios into some of them if your kid is up to eating them. That will prolong the diversion.

A game I invented the last time I was so sick I could not move called Magazine Rodeo. Allow kid to destroy old magazines by ripping them to shreds. Just make sure he does not pop the bits in his mouth (this depends on the kid). My dd loved this one. Unintended side-effects may include a desire to shred magazines forever. You may have to hide your new ones like I do. It was a desperate measure but fun for dd.

If the weather is fine where you live then drag a large comforter or blanket out onto the lawn and lay there like a beached whale while kid plays with in the grass with some toys you had the presence of mind to have brought out with you.

These are what worked for me. 9 months is still rather young but they can be occupied with less at that age.

Feel better soon and welcome.

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When I was sick I found it worked best if I shut us both in the bedroom with a bunch of toys... that way he was contained a bit, I hid toys under the covers for him to find...

Hope you feel better soon!!! Welcome to the boards!!!
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Sick days are TV days in my house, and I make no apologies for that.

Last time I was down and out with the flu the kids watched a lot of PBS and Nick Jr., and I got some well-needed rest. My kids have never been nappers but after two or three hours of TV and a loafing-around mom, they will doze off for a little while. (Normally I wouldn't be proud of boring them to sleep, but when you're sick, it's WONDERFUL.)

I also second the suggestion of Dayquil. I rarely take medication but when you really need a break from the symptoms, Dayquil is great stuff and doesn't knock you out.

Hope this helps,
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Thanks so much for the replies everyone-- Yesterday was just awful, but we got though it by taking a ton of baths . . . he loves them and they help to clear out the sinuses. Today I have taken the Dayqill and it's helping, but he's sick now. Which is bad because the baby's sick, and good because he wants to sleep too. So, it all balances out, I guess. Thanks again everyone!
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