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Two of America's Richest Assail Bush Tax Cut - Page 2

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Ah...the elusive Noblesse Oblige...yes.

It's from a time gone by, but it may make a comeback! And it is expecially genuine when not practiced in a condescending manner.

Because of one's privilege, one owes service in interests of the greater good.

Bobby Kennedy took to the Civil Rights movement and helped it, and even ran for president...till he was assassinated. He gave alot of service from his resources: access, education, connections etc... afforded by his position of privilege. He spoke truth to power...and I guess was not ultimately appreciated, being as he died in a very untimely manner.

I have hopes that more of this new wave of Noblesse Oblige will continue to emerge fearlessly...Joyce in the mts.
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CanOBeans - good for you! I wish I could say the same for others I know personally (my dad included).
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well, i'm sure all of you against tax cuts, will elect to send your "refunded" money back in to the govt, right?
Honestly, I'm not quite sure how this applies. I, personally, am not against tax cuts for working families, esp those near poverty level (which, this apparantly won't help!). I am against tax cuts for huge corporations and on dividend taxes and the like. How would taking advantage of a child tax credit be antithetical to this? I certainly can't stop the corps from taking advantage of the millions they will be getting!

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TieredX2, Good point about the other point

I don't think this boils down to "if you don't like the tax cut send it back, but I will keep mine".

The issues are more along the lines of *who* is getting the most cuts, why people like Buffet are getting any and whether we should be even giving tax cuts (except possible those who really need it the very most) at a time when our deficit is soaring?

And why does this all feel like the 80's all over again.....

mcimom ~ I can very easily see how your Dad could bit** about both tax cuts and paying taxes. He is probably annoyed that when he pays taxes so little of it goes into education and how much of it goes into things like, um, the military. On the other hand, when there is a tax *cut* usually the very first place
to be cut is education and the very last thing to be cut is the military. Doesn't seem at all strange that he could do both at the same time

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Oops! seems to have posted more than once
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