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HEHE! Warm Muffin and Toffe Crunch are certainly colors I already can tell I would like - yum!

Thanks so much for the colors and thanks for the tips! This is ONE very challenged Spaniard. All my photography clients think that because I can shoot I can decorate, but sadly that is not the case

I don't have very much because I do not like clutter AND I am afraid to buy and not like, so it takes a lot for me to buy an item. I too can tell you where, who, when something came from. I love it I feel surrounded by love when I think of where things came from. My son is that way too... he can tell who gave him what train and if it was for Christmas or his birthday

Thanks again Sara! I hope your family is very blessed in your sweet new home
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It is absolutely ADORABLE. What a sweet little corner of the world.
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lovely. just lovely.
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Ahhhh... Im in love with your home! So warm and cozy.
I wish I could live there!!!
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I'm going to use a word a lot of people are using: "inspiring"! I'm thinking about you and your lovely home as I go through our house and decide what we truly love and use. Thank you!
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Awesome pics! Thanks so much for sharing them! Your new place looks so inviting!
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I love it. Wish I could see it in person!
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It looks fantastic. So warm and cozy, hard to believe its the same apartment.
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I am so stinkin" excited to see what you have done! You are talented. I am not even going to say I could have gotten to that point of "homey", but if I could have it wouldn't have been in a month's time, with no time living in it. I would have had to have "lived" in it first for ......well, a while. I am teary eyed with excitement from the motivation you've given me. As you know we didn't bring much with us and we've been thrifting to get furniture and we have almost everything we "need", besides a bed. The furniture is in bad shape, but functional none-the-less, so I have an opportunity to beautify it and make it ours with paint. So, you have definately made me get excited about it, and the move, and the new place (that we are not into yet).

Out of curiousity, did you all upgrade your rental at you expense? I think it's worth it if you did and big of you. I always have a hard time doing that because I feel like I'm improving someone else's property when maybe they should have done it, but I realize that's a stingy way of thinking, (especially when you read what you just wrote .) Kind of cutting of you ..somethin' to spite you ....head? or sometin' like that. And to look at the transformation from a place to live into a home! Lesson learned, thanks.
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So beautiful. You are an excellent decorator. I can't believe how the improvements have made the already cool space look so great! I love it all. There is really not one thing in particular that I love more than something else. It just all fits together so well and is so functional. Definitely consider a business out of your creativity. You have truly inspired me!

I feel like I want to sell my old house (built in 1919) with 1156 square feet above ground and about 600-700 sq. feet basement to move to a more cozy place. I don't think I could talk my husband into it, but I will definitely be decluttering more!
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If you don't mind, could you please tell me about your hanging star light? Is it paper or metal? Where did you get it?

I love the "star" theme throughout your house. What a wonderful way to connect the spaces. The painted stars that are hung by the heater are also really beautiful--the colors you chose compliment the background color of the wall.

take care,
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Wonderful, simply wonderful!
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Oh my gosh!!! That place is so adorable!! Great job! Truly an inspiration!

PS- I'm not sure if you remember, but we met last year at the Expo in Des Moines.
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Just lovely.
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I love it and am going to use the bisquit color in my lv and halls.
Thank you thank you thank you for the inspiration!
Who made your birds?
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It takes a lot to impress me with a house, and I am seriously impressed. Amazed. And a wee bit jealous
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Hi. Who are your favorite sellers on Etsy?
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Just wanted to say how impressed I am too. What a nice house.
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Another masterpiece! Delight-ful!
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Sara-just a couple of quick questions. Do you have a microwave? I don't remember seeing one. Do you just heat leftovers on the stove top? We only use ours for reheating leftovers, the kids make micro popcorn in it and heat water for tea. I would love to not have one but the kids can use it safely so for now it stays. Also are you still using family cloth? I would totally understand if not considering the ton of work and moving you've been doing.

Your place is wonderful. Not only are you a great decorator apparently your dh is a wonderful painter and builder. Congrats to all three of you on your new home. How is Bella adjusting? Her play area is so sweet.
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