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Positive ob/gyn visit!!

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I went today for a suspected bacterial infection. I actually went back to the place where a nurse scolding me for still nursing my 2 yo ("As far as I'm concerned, a two-year old should be able to drink from a cup" ) Also was no help for advice ("Charting is so archaic": and "Until you stop bf, we can't help you": )

But I went though to a midwife/nurse practitioner that I had seen occasionally during my pg instead of one of the docs (who have all failed me in one way or another). I went just for the infection because I didn't want to go to someone new for this and have to wait for an app't.

Anywhooo, her nurse ass't was so nice from the start. I decided to ask if they could do a blood test on me to see if I o'd. We talked about my issues briefly. I mentioned that I charted and this month's chart and my body have been so confusing as was last month's. She asked if I brought my charts in, which I hadn't (given the comment from the other nurse). She said the midwife is really good about that sort of thing.

Talked to the mw. I can fax my charts ot her and she will give me her opinions on them. She wants to see the results of my tests first, then medicate appropriately, get through this cycle and next, see how things turn out, then put me on Clomid. Now that's help!!!

I am not sure if I want to go on Clomid. Don't know much about it. I will look at a recent post asing about it, but any other comments would be appreciated.

All in all, I feel so much better. Oh, I mentioned to her the nurse's comments. She was very upset, apologized for her, but then said that she thinks she remembers it (?!). Was I the talk of the office that day? The crazy bf-ing lady trying to have a baby!!:LOL
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SO happy to hear about your good visit! I'm meeting with a midwife in two weeks, hope mine is as nice!

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That is excellent!! SO nice to have someone cool for a change.

Clomid is one of those drugs....it can be a godsend...and it can be a big ol pain in the butt.

For me, it makes my cycles preditcable and less that 50 days. I know when I am going to O and it is an okay trade off for some hot flashes.

My second month on it, I was a little nuts, really emotional and the like.

Last time it wasn't too bad.

If you aren't o'ing at all - then it can be a real help.

It reacts with different people differently - just like the pill.....
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