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Bath time=terrible time!

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What do/did you mamas do to make bath time something other than the screaming marathon it is at my house? The boys actually like getting their bath. The problem is that the one who is not getting his bath is beside himself and screaming and crying and flailing. I don't want them to be traumatized but I do feel it is pretty important that they get baths. FTR it isn't really feasible for me to get any help with bath time from another adult. I think I'll try most anything!
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If they are sitting up well, bathe them together. Have their clothes laid out and have a bouncy seat/containment device for one. Then you pull one out, put him in the containment device (cd) with a towel, then pull out the other to dry and dress. Then finish the first one.

Or put one babe in the cd and let him watch you bathe his brother, then switch (or alternate days or something).

At that age, I barely bathed them. Mostly, I handed them to dh in the shower ever week or two. And let grandma's give them baths (a treat for everyone). It was plenty. Then as they get bigger and messier I give them more baths/showers. It gets much easier to bathe them both together at about 18 months (at least for us, they stop trying to drown each other or slide around so much).
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I would be open to bathing them less but I'm worried about a couple things... first, they are prone to getting diaper rash so we put baking soda in their bath and that seems to help. If they go too long without that it seems like the rash starts to flare up again. Second is that they are quite the little chubsters and it gets a little gunky in their fat rolls so I feel like the bath is important for that. Are those things I need to be concerned about?

My dh was nervous about the shower idea... how do you hold them and wash them and all? If they're squirmy what do you do? This idea might work.

they don't sit up unassisted yet but I imagine they will soon and that should really help.
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I would just bathe them less and wash their diaper area really well during the day. Also I did sponge baths alot to clean the neck rolls, faces, fingers, etc. At that age I bathed them one at a time, whenever dh was home to help me. He would watch the other baby while I bathed one, got them dressed, etc. Then we would switch. Surely your dh or someone can help you out for 20-30 minutes once a week?

Oh, I was going to mention my other method. It is kind of time consuming, but what else are you going to be doing? I would fold a large bath towel in half and lay it down in the living room. Then I would fill a bowl with warm water and some baby soap and bring it out there. You can set it up high so they don't knock it over if you want. Then I would just strip them down and give them a really good wipe down. That method worked well for us because I was on the floor with both of them and I could fairly easily divide my attention and no one felt left out.
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you're right... if I bathe them once a week I will certainly be able to have help from dh on the weekend. I like your sponge bath idea. I already do "naked time" almost every day so I could just do it then. These are all great tips!
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You can wash their bottoms under the sink with the sprayer. Then you only need to give full baths occasionally.

To shower them, mostly it is just handing a naked babe to Dad, soaping their bottoms, then waiting with a towel. (Dad just holds and rinses, because they are sooooo slippery!! However, if he is careful he can soap them up a little at a time.) Then repeat (or was that rinse and repeat? Ha ha ha, not much sleep last night, can you tell?)
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I found several things that have worked for me when I'm by myself:
1. Give each baby a bath when the other one is taking a nap
2. Put a bouncy chair in the bathroom and alternate giving them baths. B/c the baby that is waiting is right next to me, I am able to talk to them and get them to calm down if he/she gets fussy. Once I finish bathing one, I get him/her dressed and bath the other one.
3. When I take showers myself, I lay a couple big towels on the floor and let the babies play around on it (they dont crawl yet). Once I am done bathing myself, I take one baby at a time into the shower with me, bathe and wrap him/her in the towel (have to make sure its a big towel that can be tucked in under the baby) and then do the same with the second. Then I get out and dry and dress both at the same time.

Just a few ideas of what works for me. Hope you find something that works for the 3 of you good luck Lindsey!
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I almost never bathe my twins. We're talking monthly on average. Is that horrible? : Really, who has the time? Sorry I'm no help! I still bathe mine one at a time & only when dh is there to help with the other one (they're 10 months).
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I bathed my babies in the kitchen sink for a super long time. I finally switched to the bathtub - hmmm - I'm guessing around 10 months? The first time I was really nervous about it, but it went smoothly - and as much as I thought I needed the help - I was better off without it. I lay out their diapers and clothes on my bed and then fish one baby at a time out, wrap him/her up and then do the other. I carry both into my bedroom and lay them on the bed. Now, however, I chase the naked baby down the hallway and try to catch him/her while carrying the other one. I try to be fast with the diapers - or , inevitably, end up with little puddles.
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Once again, 2 plus, you are my hero! I also bathe them once every 2 weeks or so and have been feeling like a terrible mother. I mean downright bad. But who has the time? They scream if they're both not in the bath. One screams when he's in the bath. The other screams when he's being taken out. add to that a freaky bathtub where there are three walls on all but the SHORT side, 2 almost walking (i.e. NOT calm, subdued, sure I'll sit there and not drown my brother) babe and it's a recipe for disaster.

I'll take a little dirt over a scream-fest any day.

Heading over to the support thread....

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Have you tried bath seats? They're not very AP but if you are there and vigilant I think they are OK safe. THey were a lifesaver for us at that age, where they could sit up.

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Before they were 7 months old or so, I bathed them one at a time in the little bath inside the bathtub. I got them both naked & let the one who wasn't being bathed roll around on big towels and blankets I put down on the floor. They liked it. I did it every day because it was something they enjoyed.

When they were 7-ish months old, I got bath seats. They could sit up on their own, but I was worried they'd fall over and knock each other over. I used those for about 3 months until they started climbing up out of them and trying to stand on them. : Then we went to just a little bit of water in the bath. They refused to sit down, but it was fine.

I bathed my kids every day because they liked it, but if they didn't, I would have gone to less frequent bathing. They really don't get that dirty, especially in the winter. It's not like they're getting all sweaty.
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Why on earth are bath seats considered not AP? It's not like I'm leaving my babies alone in the tub to fend for themselves. I use a bath ring like this one (http://www.little-wonders.com/baby-4...earch%2BEngine) and it really helps. My girls both get supercrazy in the tub - they do "windshield wipers" with their legs and laugh hysterically, etc. Without the ring I was so terrified they were going to tip over even with me holding onto them.
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I don't know about bath seats not being ap, but I have read stories about children that have drowned because their parents were relying on the bath seats and didn't supervize so closely. I've never used bath seats, but when my babies were first learning to sit, I'd put a wet washcloth under their bottoms so that they'd have something that wouldn't slide underneath.
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When they can sit up it will be great. We have a teenie tiny shower downstairs with shower doors and I sit my boy on the floor of the shower and I shower ... and then I pick him up and rinse him off. It is our favorite time. When he was a baby I would just carry him in the shower with me and it wasn't that hard or slippery. Have you tried a shower sling / water sling. You can wear one at a time while the other one waits on a jumper or something? Best of luck, I have one and am busy enough!
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Originally Posted by 2+twins View Post
I almost never bathe my twins. We're talking monthly on average. Is that horrible? : Really, who has the time? Sorry I'm no help! I still bathe mine one at a time & only when dh is there to help with the other one (they're 10 months).
Hey so as long as their faces and 'nether-regions' are kept clean, I see no problem.

May I venture to guess that you little ones do not get sick very often??

BTW: I average every 2-3 weeks with my DS/DD.
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This is an age issue. Until they are able to both sit in the tub together safely -- which for us was about . . . .. here is where having multiples gets hard as I block out so much of this stuff . . . . .... I can't remember 18 months maybe?

Suggested solution: Bathe 1 in the sink in the kitchen - and let the other play while you are doing it - might work better than being in the bathroom where not much for the other to do.

Good news: This phase goes by quick and pretty soon they are bathing together!
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Originally Posted by medeanj View Post
May I venture to guess that you little ones do not get sick very often??
Well they hadn't until around december when someone brought home the neverending cold. I think (knock wood) we're almost done with that now though.
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Here's what worked for me:
put a towel, two baby towels and clean diapers on the floor of the bathroom
Put a towel in the empty tub
put a dressed (or just diapered) baby on the floor
repeat with baby 2
undress baby one and lie baby in empty tub
repeat with baby 2
add maybe 1 inch of water
proceed with bath
empty water
remove one baby and diaper
remove second baby and diaper
Success!!! You've bathed two babies at the same time!!!

This worked for me when the boys I was taking care of couldn't yet sit up. They would generally just look at each other and not try to squirm around at this age. I found it so much easier to get the whole bathing scene over with at one time!

Good luck!
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Yeah, the bath seats work great for my 11 month old twins....but you still have to keep a close eye on them....my ds can rock so hard that the suction cups pop off the bottom.....do you have the bath water warm enough? When my twins were smaller they hated the bath and it was because we had the water too cool because I was so worried about burning them......as soon as I made the water hotter they loved it.
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