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Is TTC taking over you life!?

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It seems know matter how hard I try or pray and have other people pray for me I can not think about anything else. Once ugly aunt comes to visit I have to say I feel O.K. with it and for the next 16 days I am fine. I am happy and content with the way things are going but once I ovulate I can not think about anything else. I think 24 hours a day I dream it. This is what consumes me am I preggo, my boobs do not hurt so I must not be.Wait I am only 1dpo it is to early to tell. The next 13 days I just try to look for any possible preggo sign it just drives me absolutly positivley out of my mind. This month I was thinking about using permant marker to draw my veins on my chest so I could see if I had anynew ones because then I would know I was preggo. Crazy! Crazy!
Does anyone have any coping advise?I am going to join a yoga class I think. I have been faithfully exercising at least 5 days a week in the morning for the past few months. ( which I am not lossing any weight and that is a whole nother story)!!!
What the $&%*# can I do to stop obssessing. Thanks once again for being her to lisiten to me .
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I can definitely relate!

I just told DH today that I need to take a break from TTC -- well not really...I mean it's not like we'll stop BD-ing but I HAVE to move beyond the obsession. It's making me insane.

Like you, I do okay for the first half of my cycle but post-O (which actually according to my chart I'm not O-ing...but that's another story) the last 2 weeks are nuts.

Every month (we've tried 5 cycles now) I tell DH...this month feels different. This must be the month. And then the start and then comes. I usually have at least one really good cry and then I start getting psyched up for the next round of trying.

It took DH 2 1/2 years to be "ready" to have kids (which I don't begrudge him...he really needed that time) but once he was ready (and I was, of course, WAY ready) I thought the Universe would be right in sync with us.

Not quite.

I'm doing a lot of energy/chakra work lately (reiki, reflexology, yoga) and I really do feel our baby's presence. I am seeing a counselor and doing lots of journaling. I am focusing on being with my pain and just experiencing it and trying to find the joy that is all around me. Some days (well actually more like some moments) I feel really strong and others moments I need to cry.

I hope this doesn't sound too overdramatic. I know there are lots of people on this board who have been trying way longer than I have been but this is just what I'm feeling.

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Ummm... Me too!

I am a total nut job.

I too need to relax about it. I am getting pretty good. Until the last few days of each cycle, when I get really nervous and tense.

I vary between thinking that there is a baby out there for me...and thinking I was something horrible in a past life and now this is karma.

I too thought about the magic marker thing - only I thought about outlining my nipples to see if they got bigger.....:LOL

I am not as obsessed as I once was. Once I got over that year hump, I sort of realized that this was going to take a while and that I needed to chill about it. the first few months of ttc - I was a wreck...did we do it at the right time? Is that ewcm of something else? what the hell are my charts doing? now until I get to that last three days of each cycle....i am fine. I take my meds, chart and so allt he things I am supposed to and like knowing what is going on. But once I get to the last few days...eeek!! Then I just come on here and let you all know about what crazy thing I am thinking this time.

Funny thing is - I think i am going to truly FREAK OUT when I actually get pg. Just because this whole ttc thing has become such a part of me, such a way of life. This is routine, just what I do every day. And because i will have to work through all those "holy crap I am going to be someone's mom!" things too.

So basically this was a long way of saying I hear you and completely understand.

As for coping advice...no. I try to not think about it. I try to keep busy. I even didn't log in to MDC for two days once to keep from thinking about it. When I actually am busy, I don't think about it. But it is hard to keep that busy all the time. Smile, indulge your little obsessive moments and then have a nice cup of tea and move on. I think that the more you try to keep yourself from obsessing, the harder it is...like saying, "don't think about pink elephants."

we are all here for you!!! vent away when ever!
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Just us, huh? :

Wait dancinggirl....aren't we almost "neighbors"? Hmmmm....maybe we could form a support group for obsessive TTC-ers. :LOL

Adina ~ You can come visit us....or maybe we can take a trip out to Colorado!
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I was actually thinking about forming a support group. Isn't Abylite also living in RI?
Then again I would love to go visit Colorado again.

I will be starting my obsessing in another 13 days. I am dreading that 2ww. This month I am going to be positive. I will be pregnant this month!!!

We are all going to graduate to the I am pregnant board!
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