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the recent CIO threads

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Some of you may have noticed that the thread "Update on the CIO thread" has been removed. It will not be returned.

I have also decided to close the original thread "The perfect response to CIO...and any other baby abuse". The last few posts have actually been pretty decent and respectful and some very interesting points have been made. But because the very title is offensive to some mamas here, and so were many of the posts, I have made the decision to close it.

In my job as moderator, I have the ability to edit posts, to delete posts, and close and/or delete threads....I really, really am loathe to do that. I don't like even the appearance of censorship, but I know that for MDC to remain the place it is, certain guidelines must be established and upheld.

I also tried to keep my own posts "neutral", even though at times my personal opinion was anything but. I realize now that this was wrong of me and gave people the wrong impression. I'm trying to do this mod thing the best I can, I love you MDC mamas, and I'm very sorry if I let any of you down.

yours humbly,
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Modding is a really hard task. I think you're doing a fantastic job of it!
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I've been doing it here for over 2 years - you're doing AWSOME!!! It's tought because you're just a regular mamma like everyone else - remember being human makes you the wonderful person you are!
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